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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

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MARCH 2014

Seven planes flew down on Friday morning, in generally great weather.  Three stayed on the Pacific side and three on the Mulege side. On Saturday, the Mulege plane of Terry Rahe  joined us, making 8 total planes for Cadeje. The first 45 minutes of Sunday’s return trip was the windiest we have experienced in all the years of flying to Cadeje. Fortunately, the winds subsided as we flew north. The reports of fellow planes ahead was both informative and comforting.

The medical clinic was well staffed with three physicians, two nurses, an EMT, and several translators. The physicians working were David Dodson, Erine Erickson and Barbara Hrach. The nurses were Mary Nguyen and Kaitlin Stout and EMT, Joe Moore. Doty Dunn translated for Dr. Hrach. Deborah Smith translated for Dr. Dodson and Joe Moore translated for Dr. Erickson.  Together the group saw 38 patients, ranging from the very young to the very old, including at least one pregnant woman. Dr. Dodson even diagnosed a man with Parkinson’s Disease, although we had nothing in the pharmacy with which to treat him. Maybe we can add some Sinemet to the next drug shipment request? Dr. Hrach’s 14 year old daughter Elizabeth joined us on the trip. She worked in the pharmacy and helped to sterilize the dental instruments. She had had an incredible experience and wants to go again next year!!
Audiologist Bonnie Rettgers, with Susan Grube translating, was able to see all of the patients who were waiting for her.  Everyone left smiling and grateful for her services.


The dental clinic had three dentists and a hygienist. Dr. Perez and Dr. Grube did fillings and extractions, assisted by Larry Cochran, John Lawrence and Angela Vanden Brulle. Dr. MacPherson, assisted by Roni MacPherson, did root canals, where needed, and some fillings. Hygienist Michelle Picone expertly cleaned teeth. Karyn Yule and Elizabeth Hrach ran the sterilization and Nancy Callahan did triage. Dental saw a total of 52 patients, 10 of which were cleanings.

The March trip started off for most with a stop at St. Ignacio Bay to pet the whales.  The group arrived a little after noon, and by 2:30 people were finally loaded into the boats to see the whales. The wind had picked up a bit by then, which made the water a bit choppy and the whales a bit skittish.  It was an amazing sight to see the bay filled with mothers and their calves and most visitors were able to lay their hands on at least one whale. We were told that there were over 200 whales in the bay (Yes, they are counted weekly!!)

Pilots: Larry Cochran, Frank Heintz, John Grube, Erwin Green, Terry Rahe, Stu MacPherson, Ted Kenney, Robin Gauss,  Jim Gaskin  MDs: Barbara Hrach, David Dodson, Erine Erickson   RNs: Kaitlin Stout, Mary Nguyen    EMT: Joe Moore       Audiologist: Bonnie Rettgers            Pharmacy: Patsi Hodges  
Dental Hygienist: Michelle Picone Translators: Doty Dunn, Deborah Smith, Susan Grube, Teresita Carmello      Dentists: Paul Perez, John Grube, Stu MacPherson Dental Assistants: Angela Vanden Brulle, Larry Cochran, John Lawrence, Roni MacPherson Helpers: Elizabeth Heimlich, Nancy Callahan, Karyn Yule

April Trip is on hold, pending a permit for the landing strip.

POTLUCK: April 16, at 6:30 p.m., at the home of Mark and Terry Harris. Please bring an entrée or side dish, ready to serve.  Drinks will be provided.      – Directions on the website

P.O. Box 538
Goleta  CA 93116

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