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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

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Five planes left Santa Barbara, and one plane from San Diego, in beautiful clear skies.  It was a fast trip to San Felipe, with tail winds most of the way. Customs was very efficient and we were all on our way in record times. Three planes stayed on the Pacific side and three on the Sea of Cortez side.  Sunday’s return was very smooth, with some head winds from the border northward.

The medical side started out slow. However, we ended up seeing over 20 patients. We had a great group of volunteers, many who did several different jobs. Checking in patients was Blaze Vanden Brulle. Vital signs were taken by CJ Boyer, EMT; Haley Barrigar, RN; (both coming down from San Jose); and Margo Kenney. Dr. Debbie Weinstein and Myra Howard-Cochran, FNP saw the patients with the translation assistance of Cheri King and first time volunteer Angel Alvarado. The pharmacy was operated by Patsi Hodges, with the assistance of John Lawrence, EMT. Katherine Stradling, RN, from Arizona, another first time volunteer, helped in many areas, including pharmacy and working with Dr. Weinstein. Our newest members enjoyed their experience and would like to return. We saw new patients, including a few very young ones, and some of our regulars with whom we have been working to help them with their health issues, including Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and the usual seasonal illnesses.
The dental side proceeded at a steady pace. Dentists Paul Perez, with assistant Miriam Beacham , and Dr.  John Grube, with the assistance of Larry Cochran, saw multiple patients and did many different procedures.  Marilyn Zellet managed dental triage and helped throughout the clinic translating. Karyn Yule, our flight coordinator, was kept busy sterilizing instruments and Angela Vanden Brulle was our dental hygienist.  Everything ran smoothly and all patients were seen.

Noteworthy:  After the clinic, a new airport site was surveyed, with the help of Eustaquio, and appeared to have all the qualifications. Paper work from the Loreto Comandante was obtained with the help of Liz Bracken and Patsi Hodges.

PILOTS/REFUELERS/MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS: Larry Cochran, John Grube, Frank Heintz, Erwin Green, Robin Gauss, Jim Gaskin, Tarry Rahe, Ted Kenney, Louis Beacham         
DENTISTS: John Grube, Paul Perez
DENTAL ASSISTANTS: Larry Cochran, Marion Beacham           HYGIENIST: Angela Vanden Brulle
MD: Debbie Weinstein           FNP: Myra Howard-Cochran   PHARMACY: Patsi Hodges
TRANSLATORS: Marilyn Zellet, Angel Alvarado, Cheri King, Blaze Banden Brulle         EMTS: CJ Boyer, John Lawrence      RNS: Haley Barrigar, Katherine Stradling     HELPERS: Karyn Yule, Margo Kenney

March volunteers,  call Karyn at 805  895-6750.   The trip will be Mar. 14 or Mar. 13 for whale watchers.


Potluck: Wednesday,  March 5,  at  6:30 p.m.,  at the home of Brian and Chari Coryat  - 1216 Shoreline Drive.  Phone: 703-4837.

P.O. Box 538
Goleta  CA 93116

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