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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

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MAY 2013


Five planes left Santa Barbara on Friday. The weather was generally good in both directions, with some tail winds on the trip down. Two planes stayed on the Pacific side and three on the Mulege side.

The medical side of the clinic was extremely busy, with 32 patients and again with one provider. We also were lucky to have audiologists Bonnie Rettgers and Julia Shih doing hearing exams and ear cleanings. Many happy folks could hear much better when those two ladies had completed the day. In the clinic, we had Scott Walther doing triage and keeping the flow going. Terri Harris, EMT and Margo Kenny checked people in at the vital sign station and Angeli Mancuso, RN was kept busy doing vital signs and working in the lab. Next stop was to see our medical provider, Myra Howard, NP with interpreter Cheri King.  Along with a large variety of health issues, we diagnosed a new diabetic and got her started on medication. With help from the crew, Myra Howard, NP did double duty, also working in the pharmacy. Felicity Hoffman provided chiropractic adjustments.  With a lot of patient teaching, we all felt good about the care we gave.

Two dentists, Dr. Paul Perez, and Dr. John Grube served the dental clinic.  Angela Van Brulle and Larry Cochran did a great job assisting.  Karyn Yule did sterilization and some triage, with Eustaquio's help.  The dental side ran smoothly, seeing over 35 patients

PILOTS: John Grube, Frank Heintz, Larry Cochran, Ted Kenney, Robin Gauss, Colin Eltsner, Erwin Green, Patrick Corrigan    FNP: Myra Cochran        EMT: Terri Harris       RN: Angeli Mancuso 
INTERPRETERS:  Scott Walther, Cheri King      DENTISTS: Paul Perez, John Grube 
DENTAL ASSISTANTS: Angela Van Brulle, Larry Cochran
AUDIOLOGISTS: Bonnie Rettgers, Julia Shih        HELPERS: Karyn Yule, Margo Kenney, Eustaquio
CHIROPRACTIC: Felicity Hoffman

JUNE VOLUNTEERS, call Karyn at 805 895-6750 --   JUNE TRIP will  be June 21-23

P.O. Box 538
Goleta  CA 93116

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