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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

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APRIL 2013


Three planes came down from Santa Barbara. One left on Thursday to stay on the Pacific side, and two left on Friday. Saturday Terry Rahe flew his plane over with the Mulege volunteers, making a total of four airplanes for the clinic. Weather was good for all legs of the trip.

The medical side of the clinic was very busy. Teresita Carmello helped with triage and translation, Nancy Cook, RN and Zak Koretz ran the vital sign and lab station. Myra Howard-Cochran, Family Nurse Practitioner, functioned as
our health care provider,  (aka La Doctora)  seeing all of the 28 patients, ranging from all ages, with the excellent translation assistance of Cathy Mitchell. We had a variety of health issues and we finished off the day with a
surgical procedure; removing a large cyst from the back of a gentleman who had been bothered by this ailment for years. Patsi Hodges was her efficient fabulous self, doing the pharmacy from start to finish.

The Dental side of the clinic was fortunate to have three dentists, Dr Le, Dr Mead and Dr Grube. The flow of patients was steady thanks to Marilyn Zellet and Karyn Yule doubling as assistants and triage coordinators, Toni Riparretti did the sterilization which was more difficult than normal due to a balky sterilizer which needed constant tinkering.

Pilots: Larry Cochran, John Grube, Frank Heintz, Terry Rahe   RNs: Nancy Cook, Patsi Hodges   NP: Myra Howard-Cochran     Helpers: Tony Riparetti, Karyn Yule, Zak Koretz   Interpreters: Teresita Carmello, Marilyn Zellet, Cathy Mitchel   Dentists:  John Grube, Vu Le, Ben Meade   Dental Assistants: Larry Cochran,

MAY VOLUNTEERS, call Karyn at 805 895-750 --   MAY TRIP will  be June 17-19 

P.O. Box 538
Goleta  CA 93116

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