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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

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Mostly a very cold trip…

Having missed December clinic due to weather, we had a great group of providers for our January clinic in Cadeje. The weather was quite cool but the skies were blue and the enthusiasm of our workers was high. Six planes flew from Mulege, filled with our workers and supplies.  We quickly got our things together to see our patients. On the medical side, Scott Walther started at triage. Vitals signs were done by C.J. Boyer, EMT,  Angeli Mancuso, RN, and Margo Kenney, with the assistance of Cheri King and Melissa Ellis. Patients were then seen by Dr. Ignacio Zepeda and Dr. Ben LaBrot.  Jacob Bastomski, D.C. (Chiropractor), saw quite a few patients with joint pain.  The pharmacy was led by Patsi Hodges, with assistance by Barbara Mitchell. Myra Howard-Cochran, NP, assisted as needed.

The dental side was extremely busy, not finishing until almost 5 pm. Dentists Stu MacPherson, with assistant Roni MacPherson , and Chuck Moggia, with the assistance of Larry Cochran, saw multiple patients and did many different procedures.  Marilyn Zellet and Angela Van den Brulle managed dental triage and helped throughout the clinic translating. Karyn Yule, our flight coordinator, was kept busy sterilizing instruments and Liz Bracken, DVM, was our dental hygienist.  Glen Mitchell assisted our group as did our pilots 'Fast Frank” Heinz, Dale Smith, Terry Rahe, and Ted Kenney ( with pilots Roni MacPherson and Larry Cochran doing double duty).

The February trip was canceled due to weather.

March volunteers,  call Karyn at 805  895-6750.   The trip will be Mar. 8, or Mar. 7 for whale watchers.

Potluck: Wednesday, Feb 27,  at  6:30 p.m.,  at the home of Kay Bradley and Chris Simeral,
250 Rametto Road, Santa Barbara, 93108. 

P.O. Box 538
Goleta  CA 93116

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