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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

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JUNE  2011

One plane went down Thursday, to stay on the Cadeje side. Three came down Friday. Two stayed on the Mulege side and one, Robin Gauss, in his C337, went to the Cadeje side for the first dirt strip landing in his newly acquired plane. The weather was good in both directions. A plaque commemorating Marilynn Enns was placed in the lobby of the clinic. It looks great!

On the medical side, Dr. John Vallee and Nurse Practitioner Beth Morgan saw patients and were assisted by Natalie Araiza, and Sarah Bridge.  Cristel Witt did triage and, along with Tawna Elsworth, took blood pressures and other vitals. Myra Cochran ran the pharmacy, with Bettina Norton helping.

The  dental clinic was busy, with  Dr. Kevin Miller and Dr.  John Grube doing extractions, fillings and delivering one denture case.  Karyn Yule did triage and sterilization, while Patsi Hodges and Larry Cochran assisted and filled in where needed.

Pilots: Larry Cochran, John Grube,  Frank Heintz, Robin Gauss,  JJ Cravins
MD: John Vallee  Nurse Practitioners: Myra Cochran, Beth Morgan  Helpers: Karen Yule, Tawna Elworth, Bettina Norton           Translators: Natalie Araiza, Sarah Bridge                EMT: Cristel Witt        
Dentists: John Grube, Kevin Miller                     Dental Assistants: Larry Cochran, Patsi Hodges

            There will be another cruise on Warren Buffet’s Channel Cat this August 13th, a Saturday with a  full moon rising.  See the web site,, if you have not received your invitation! There will be great food and wine. Specialty drinks and beer from the bar will be extra. Another silent auction of  significant items will be offered.  For more information, please call Marilyn Zellet at 452-5981.

 NOTE:    October trip will be Oct 14.  October volunteers, please call Karen Yule at 805 895-6750.
Those interested in going down earlier to clean and prepare the clinic, let Karen know well in advance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ANNUAL   PRE-SEASON  BARBEQUE        ---------        SAVE THE DATE !

The pre season kick-off  barbeque and social event will be Saturday, Sept 24,  starting at 1 PM, at the ranch of Robin and Nancy… More info  and a map will follow. Anyone coming in from out of town let us know and we will arrange homes to accommodate you. The barbeque is always a good time to connect with friends and help to plan the next year.

Thanks again for another great season!

P.O. Box 538
Goleta  CA 93116

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