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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

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On Friday morning, in clear weather, four planes left Santa Barbara and one left San Diego. The winds varied, from headwinds to tail winds. Two planes stayed on the Cadeje side and three on the Mulege side. Terry Rahe joined us on Saturday from Mulege in his new old 182. Terry is a key factor in our fuel management program, as well as the transportation of some of the Mulege volunteers. His previous plane was damaged in a thunderstorm in Montana, while tied down at the local airport.

The dental clinic, as always, was kept busy, and the staff did not stop working until all patients were seen.   John G, assisted by Larry, treated a variety of cases, while Stu and chairside ambassador, Roni, did a root canal, a crown, and many fillings. Susan handled triage, and Angela stepped in as hygienist, cleaning teeth with the help of Kim as a chairside assistant. Karyn sterilized instruments and Felicity was a roving assistant.

February’s medical clinic again found many new faces, of both patients and staff. Trevor Zellet and Scott Walther, with the help of Felicity Hoffman, met the patients in triage, noting primary information and keeping  patient flow at an excellent pace.  Vital signs and basic labs were done by the team of Margo Kenney, Lindy Myers, RN, and Sara Awad, RN. Dr. Eric McFarland, with the assistance of Teresita Carmello, and Myra Howard-Cochran, NP, with the assistance of Cheri King, saw each patient, looking after their needs, providing patient education and prescribing medication for the many different diagnoses. The pharmacy was quite efficient under the direction of Patsi Hodges, RN, with the help of Gaia Zellet. Pat Holloway, RN, assisted in many areas. It was a good day for both patients and volunteers.

Pilots: Larry Cochran, John Grube, Frank Heinz, Ted Kenney, Terry Rahe , Roni MacPherson  MD: Eric McFarland  Nurse Practitioner: Myra Howard   RNs: Lindy Myers, Sara Awad  Pharmacy: Patsy Hodges, Gaia Zellet, Pat Holloway     Translators:  Susan Grube, Cheri King, Teresita Carmello   Dentists:,  John Grube,  Stu MacPherson    Dental Assistants: Larry Cochran, Roni MacPherson, Felicity Hoffman, Kim Hart, Karyn Yule      Dental Hygiene: Angela Vandenbrulle           Helpers: Trevor Zellet, Scott Walther, Margo Kenney

March volunteers,  call Karyn at 805  895-6750.    The trip will be Mar. 11, or Mar. 10, for whale watchers.

Potluck:  March 2, at 6:30 p.m., at the home Tonia and Raul Guerrero    Map below

 Guerrero Map

Raul and Tonia Guerrero,
793 N. Ontare Rd,
Telephone: 898-1830

P.O. Box 538
Goleta  CA 93116

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