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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

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TRIP NOTES:  five planes made the December trip; four from Santa Barbara and one from Mulege. The weather was great in both directions. The rain conveniently came on Monday, after all were back home.
MEDICAL NOTES: (from Angeli Mancuso)
Still being a relative newbie to Aeromedicos (this was my second trip), I'm never quite sure what to expect. I'm happy to report that the team of volunteers and the patients have thus far always pleasantly surprised me. Although I am told this was a fairly light clinic due to the fiestas in La Purisima, I know the patients who were able to attend this month truly appreciated the efforts of all the volunteers. Our total patient count on the medical side was about 30, and we treated a wide variety of chief complaints. Although claiming her Spanish language skills were "shaky," native Portuguese-speaker Geovana did an amazing job coordinating triage. Margo took vitals in preparation for Drs. Mike Loya and Ignacio "Nacho" Zapeta to see patients needing treatment for Diabetes, sore throats, skin rashes, acid reflux and vertigo--just to name a few.  I kept busy organizing the lab and processing blood sugars and urine dips as needed by the doctors (with a very capable Scott serving as this month's lab assistant) while Myra kept the pharmacy running smoothly with the help of Patsi Hodges and Ginger Anderson. Although providing much needed medical and dental care to the population of Cadeje and the neighboring communities is the reason I joined Aeromedicos, the highlight for me this trip was the smiles and shouts from children and adults alike when Frank, his usual jovial self,  no suit and hat needed to play the roll of Santa Claus, handed out new t-shirts and hats to all in attendance. It's a great feeling to be part of such an appreciated group of people and I look forward to many future trips!
Physical therapy and chiropractic care was given by Felicity Hoffman, a German expatriate living in San Juanico.

DENTAL NOTES :  The dental side had a small but effective staff. Trevor Zellet kept things moving with  efficient triage. Karyn Yule ran the instruments with Barbara Powers’ help.  Dr. Vu Le was an enthusiastic addition, his first trip, and did a variety of fillings and extractions. Dr. Grube also did a variety of procedures, including one denture. Larry Cochran and Cheri King assisted. The dental side saw 37 patients.

VOLUNTEERS:  Pilots: John Grube, Frank Heintz, Larry Cochran, Ted Kenney, Barbara (Bobby) Powers            Doctors: Mike Loya, Ignacio Zepeda       
John Grube, Vu Le     
: Myra Cochran, Patsi Hodges.  
Felicity Hoffman      
RN: Angeli Mancuso.  
Dental Assistants
: Larry Cochran, Cheri King,  Karyn Yule.  Barbara Powers        
Translators: Trevor Zellet, Geovana Adamoli      
Helpers: Scott Walther, Margo Kenney, Ginger Anderson

JANUARY TRIP  is  Jan.  13-14-15…    Volunteers call Karyn at  805- 895-6750
                        The pre-trip potluck will be at Frank Heinz’ home on Wed., Jan. 5, at 6:30.

                      ALL THE BEST IN THE NEW YEAR !  {can’t believe its here already }

P.O. Box 538
Goleta  CA 93116

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