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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

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Trip Notes 
Three planes went down on Thursday to stay on the Pacific side and another three came on Friday to Mulege. The weather was excellent both ways. Two planes stayed until Monday on the Pacific side.

Medical Clinic
Our first medical clinic of the year was quite busy. Everyone was greeted by Scott Walther or Ricardo Placencia for an initial triage (We loaned Scott out for temporary toilet repairman duty). Scott and Ricardo also kept the flow smooth as our patients were then sent to the vital sign station. Additional histories were taken along with blood pressure, weights and other necessary information. This area was run efficiently by Margo Kenney, Lois Moore, and Vanesa Murrieta, EMT.  The next step was to see either Dr. Ignacio Zepeda, Beth Morgan, NP, or Myra Howard, NP, who also did the lab tests with the assistance of Vanesa.   After a visit with the provider, the final step was at the pharmacy. Patsy Hodges, RN, kept everything in order with the help of Gavin Goerke. Felicity Hoffman also saw pt/chiropractic patients.  Cheri King and Teresita Carmello assisted in multiple places, including translating and pharmacy. It was a great medical team and a successful clinic day.

Dental Clinic
The dental clinic was exceptionally busy this month. In addition to John Grube doing extractions and fillings and Stu MacPherson doing root canals, we had two pediatric dentists and an orthodontist. Drs. Bob Ruby and Yvonne Rochon were able to see 14 children and some adults. Orthodontist Stacy Poole answered ortho questions and also treated patients. They were ably assisted by Larry Cochran, Roni MacPherson, Ashley Rios, and John Kramp. Karyn Yule was in charge of instrument sterilization and Susan Grube coordinated triage and patient flow. Everyone had a full day and, as usual, Roni and Stu were the last to leave the clinic! In all, 47 patients were seen. Thanks to everyone for great teamwork!

Due to an unexpected request to speak at a friend’s funeral the weekend of the trip. Robin Gauss, who had planned on going, loaned his Skymaster to Larry Cochran for the trip, while Larry’s partner, John Goerke, flew the Bonanza down. This type of generosity and trust, I am fortunate to be able to say, is common in our group.

The weekend of our trip in November, Silvio Diloreto is being honored at a military ball here in Santa Barbara.

October Volunteers   
Pilots/Plane Refuelers/Maintenance/Repairs: Larry Cochran, John Grube, Frank Heintz, Ted and Margo Kenney, John Goerke , Roni and Stu Macpherson. 
: Dr Ignacio Zepeda  
s: John Grube, Yvonne Rochon, Bob Ruby, Stacy Poole, Stu MacPherson        
FNP: Myra Cochran, Beth Morgan
EMT: Vanesa Murrieta   
Felicity Hoffman   
Dental Assistants: Larry Cochran, Ashley Rios, Roni MacPherson; David Kramp, Karyn Yule  
Pharmacy: Patsy Hodges, Cheri King, Gavin Goerke   
Translators: Susan Grube, Teresita Carmello, Ricardo Placencia    
: Margo Kenney, Lois Moore, Scott Walther

Pre-Trip Potluck:  Home of Wendy and Eric McFarland on Wednesday, November 2… map on other side.

November Trip: Friday the 11th! Call Karyn Yule at 895-6750.


P.O. Box 538
Goleta  CA 93116

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