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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

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Six planes made the November trip; four from Santa Barbara, one from San Diego, and one from Mulege. Friday the weather was good with tailwinds until just south of San Felipe. The return on Sunday had strong headwinds in he upper portion of Baja.Weather was calm and warm on the Pacific side, but  little breezy on the Mulege side.

Many people were waiting to be seen when we arrived at the clinic. The young ladies at the door were giving out charts. Triage was started by Susan Grube and everyone had their vital signs taken by a very capable team which include five newcomers, Anna ,Marisol,Naomi, Beth and Carissa, all RNs.,  Doctors Scott Kozac and Debbie Weinstein, both seasoned veterans, saw a variety of patients. The Pharmacy was run by Myra with help from Christine and Beth. Susan Grube was the roving translator. The medical side saw over thirty patients.The spirit and enthusiasm of the newcomers was wonderful to see and share. Hope you all can come again.!

The dental clinic as usual, was busy.  Dentists Greg Scarcello, did most of the fillings, and John Grube did the majority of extractions.  Stu did five root canals and some fillings. Dentists were assisted by Larry Cochran and Roni MacPherson.  Jane Wesley, and Angeli Mancuso. Marilyn Zellet  did triage. Sterilization was a team effort, with everyone pitching in. Angeli came down as a nurse but quickly became a very capable dental assistant. Thanks to all for the great teamwork. !

Pilots: Frank Heintz, Ted and Margo Kenney, John Grube, , Larry Cochran, Terry Kitna, Stu and Roni MacPherson      MDs: Debbie Weinstein, Scott Kozac.     FNP, Myra Howard.  
 Dentists: John Grube, Stu MacPherson, Greg Scarcello   
RNs: Marisol Ruiz, Naomi Wilson. Anna Rosen,  Carissa Hodges.      Dental Assistants: Larry Cochran, Angeli Mancuso,- also an RN,; Roni MacPherson, Jane Wesley: Translators: Susan Grube, , Helpers: Margo Kenny, Terry Kitna, Christine Welsh.

DECEMBER , As we were preparing to leave, Eustacio mentioned that there was to be an important Fiesta on the clinic weekend of December 12th., the fiesta of the Virgin of Guadalupe . This celebration starts the Christmas season in Mexico and the clinic would be only lightly attended. Eustacio asked if we could move the date forward to the 4th, and we said we would try. Unfortunately people we called already had other plans so the trip will be  postponed until January the 14 th.  We would however like to still have a Christmas Potluck as a seasonal party on the first of December as planned.

CHRISTMAS POTLUCK       date — Wed.  Dec, 1st.     ----   at the home of Silvio and Mary    ----  Map below

January Volunteers:
Sign up for the January Trip at the potluck, or call Marilyn Zellet and Karen Yule   805- 452- 5981

Map to Silvio and Marys.

P.O. Box 538
Goleta  CA 93116

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