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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

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October  2010

  Trip Notes :
            Three planes went down a day early, in order to help prepare the clinic for the new season. Fortunately there was very little repair work in contrast to the previous years Hurricane clean up. The Weather was very good both directions. One note , the officials are getting more insistent on visas for every trip. Those who make many trips may consider an FM 3 visa, which is good for one year.

 Medical Clinic :
            The medical side saw many interesting cases. Jim Scheib , a veteran of many trips, thought that this time there were more unusual , or interesting cases that needed the expert translation of Terisita. The team was helped by the mom-daughter team of Bobbi and Heather Bliss with Patsy and Cheri working the  Pharmacy.

Optometry Clinic:
            Jerry Groff worked his magic in the  eye clinic, seeing close to thirty patients, Danny Kato assisted with the triage and patient flow. Optometry is a very important and appreciated service for this rural area.

Dental Clinic :
            The dental side had only one dentist, John Grube, but with a  very efficient team all the patients .26. were seen and treated. Most cases were extractions, with a few filings. Larry assisted chair side and Hugh did sterilization with Karen; and Don kept the flow orderly.

All three clinics finished about the same time, a first; and saw about the same numbers of patients. It was a smaller group than originally planned due to a couple  of planes canceling, however, the team on hand did a great job. Congratulations to all for a good start of the season.

October Volunteers: Pilots: Larry Cochran, John Grube, Craig Arcuri, Frank Heintz,, Ted and Margo Kenney   MDs: Jim Scheib   Dentists: John Grube,: Optometrist: Jerry Groff      RNs, Bobbi Bliss EMT: Heather Bliss
Dental Assistants: Larry Cochran, Hugh Dyer, Karen Yule,   Pharmacy: Patsy Hodges, Cheri King Translators: Don Zellet, Christine Dunstan,Andrea Dunstan, Teresita Carmello,      Helpers: Margo Kenney, Myla Kato, Danny Kato, Jim Gaskin,


 Pre-Trip Potluck:  Home of Frank Heintz on Wednesday, November 3rd… map below

November Trip: Friday the 12th! Call Don Zellet at 805- 637- 6696  to participate.

Map to Potluck



P.O. Box 538
Goleta  CA 93116

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