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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

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The weather for the January trip was near perfect, especially on the Cadeje side. There was light or no wind, and for those who tried, the water was still warm enough (71-72º) for a swim or surf session.  Four planes flew from Santa Barbara, one from San Diego, and one from Mulege (on the day of the clinic).

The medical clinic had an excellent staff and ran very smoothly. Patients were greeted and interviewed by Raul Guerrero, and triaged by Margo Kenney and Kathryn Holicky, RN.  Patients then saw Dr. Scott Kozak, a family practitioner. Dr. Kozak treated a wide variety of maladies, and also skillfully performed a compound mole removal, assisted by Kathryn. Marilyn Enns and Blaise kept busy in the pharmacy, dispensing medications ordered for the patients. Carlo Garcia worked as Dr. Kozak's interpreter, and also assisted in the pharmacy. Overall, the medical clinic saw about 28 patients, ranging from small children to adults. The medical staff worked diligently to keep the clinic running efficiently, while making each patient feel welcome and cared for.

The dental clinic was busy all day, beginning with a root canal for Stu and Roni  on Eustacio’s wife. Dick Klein did his magic with the dentures and, despite his already heavy workload, added a new case. Marilyn Z did the triage and kept things moving, while Karen and Angela did the sterilization of instruments and kept the units supplied with what ever was needed. Angela also did a great job of  explaining procedures and calming nervous patients with her fluent Spanish and warm smile. Pat Wilson, normally an RN, did a great job as a dental assistant. Elwood and Terry  came to the clinic’s rescue when the power suddenly shut down due to a short at the fuse box outside on the electrical box. In short order the problem was rewired and we were back up and running. The dental clinic saw 39 patients. Thanks to all for a wonderful job.
Pilots: John Grube,  Frank Heintz,  Stu MacPherson,  Elwood Schapansky, Ted Kenney, Terry Rahe
MD: Scott Kozak       Dentists: John Grube,  Dick Klein, Stu MacPherson
RNs: Pat Wilson. Kathryn Holicky     EMT: Carlo Garcia      Dental Assistants: Roni MacPherson, Pat Wilson
Translators: Angela Vandenbrulle, Antonio Guerreo, Marilyn Zellet
Helpers: Karen Yule, Margo Kenney, Blaise Vandenbrulle


February volunteers, call Melodi at 805 736-7123.                        Feb. trip will be February 12th.

Potluck:  Wednesday, Feb 3, 6:30 p.m. at the home Margo and Ted Kenney.    Directions below.  Please bring a dish to share.  Drinks will be provided.

Address: 2221 Las Tunas
Telephone: 963-3011

Map to Ted & Margo Kenneys


P.O. Box 538
Goleta  CA 93116

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