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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico


Six planes made the November trip; four from Santa Barbara, one from Santa Paula, and one from San Diego. Three left on Thursday and the rest on Friday. The weather both ways was good.


Many people were waiting to be seen when we arrived at the clinic. The young ladies at the door were giving out charts. Triage was started by Susan Grube and everyone had their vital signs taken by Sandy, MaryAnn and Carlo, with Carlo doing double duty in the lab.  Dr. Deb Weinstein was assisted by Dustin, a medical translator, and Sophie helped Myra Howard-Cochran, NP, chart and take histories. Blaise helped as a runner to the pharmacy to get prescriptions. Dr. John Thatcher and Kathy Ogden saw dermatology patients.  The pharmacy was well run by Marilynn Enns and Bobbie Bliss, RN. Many people had concern about the flu. However, we are glad to say that most illnesses were colds and allergies. A total of 22 patients were seen and others were able to get medications refilled.

The dental clinic was extremely busy.  Dentists John Grube and Stu MacPherson were busy all day long with fillings and extractions.  Stu was able to do a few root canals, also. Dick Klein took several impressions for new partials and dentures along with delivering some to patients that have been waiting patiently for his return.  Thank you, Dick.  Melodi Willis did several cleanings throughout the day.  Dentists were assisted by Larry Cochran and Roni MacPherson.  Teresita Carmello did triage while Angela Vandenbrulle sterilized instruments.  We saw over 58 patients… A good clinic, indeed.

Pilots: Frank Heintz, Ted and Margo Kenney, John Grube, Jim Gaskin, Larry Cochran, John Thacher, Stu and Roni MacPherson  MDs: Debbie Weinstein, John Thacher   Dentists: John Grube, Stu MacPherson, Dick Klein   
RN: Marilyn Enns,  Bobbi Bliss   Dental Assistants: Larry Cochran, Melodi Willis, Roni MacPherson, Angela Vandenbrulle  Medical Assistants: Kathy Ogden, Carlo Garcia, Mary Ann Popp  EMTs: Sandy Burney, Sophia Devaney        Translators: Susan Grube, Teresita Carmello, Dustin      Helpers: Blaise Vandenbrulle, Margo Kenny

DECEMBER volunteers, call Melodi at 805 736-7123.                 DECEMBER TRIP  will be Dec. 11th.

POTLUCK  date — Wed.  Dec, 2nd     ----   at the home of John and Susan Grube    ----  Directions Below:

Map to Grube's House

This time of year we try to collect school supplies for the local Cadeje children. If possible, please bring items to the potluck or arrange to drop them off at your convenience. Art supplies are always welcome, as are sports equipment and bilingual dictionaries.  Also, used laptops, even broken, are welcome. We can repair them.

P.O. Box 538
Goleta  CA 93116

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