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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

 SEPTEMBER - Your browser may not support display of this image. OCTOBER 2009


      Hurricane Jimena went thru the Cadeje/Mulege area on September 2 - 3.  The storm dropped the most rain and caused the biggest floods that any living person could remember. In Cadeje there was river water in the street. The clinic bathrooms were damaged and water got into the clinic. Mulege, however, suffered more damage. The river rose three feet over the main bridge and the Serenidad Hotel had water up to the doorknobs. The runway was also damaged but was quickly put back into shape to accommodate a very impressive relief effort coordinated by the Baja Bush Pilots.

       On Sunday, Sept. 13, Craig Arcuri, flying his twin Baron, with John Grube right seat, delivered supplies provided by Direct Relief for the hospitals in Mulege and Santa Rosalia. They also made a trip to Cadeje that day to assess the damage and make plans for the October clinic.

      A repair and cleanup trip was organized for September 24-27.  Three planes with only two people per plane were loaded so that the maximum amount of supplies could be carried down to the Cadeje clinic. Once again Direct Relief was instrumental in providing supplies. The plumbing was repaired, the bathroomswere put back in working order, the pharmacy was enlarged, and the clinic was cleaned, with help from the local town people. It was a very rewarding experience for all involved.

      The weekend of the clinic came with beautiful weather. Four planes stayed on the Mulege side and one on the Cadeje side.

      The  Saturday clinic was  very successful. Bonnie Rettegers provided audiology services and Jerry Groff provided optometry services for appreciative patients.

      The medical side ran very smoothly with newcomer doctors Nicole Christiano and Laura Polito, assisted by Maryann Popp and translators Mark and Melena Warden and Kristian Carlisle. Marilyn Enns, with Alison Grube assisting, almost had too much room in the newly remodeled pharmacy.

       The dental side was well staffed with three dentists, Drs. Bob Ruby, Kevin Miller and John Grube.

Dale Smith sterilized instruments, Marilyn Zellet did triage, and Melodi Willis and Larry Cochran assisted.

All patients were seen and treated by early afternoon, as the damage to the dirt roads prevented many patients from getting to the clinic.

                        Thanks to all for a successful start to the new season! 

September Volunteers: ( Sept. 13) Pilot: Craig Arcuri with John Grube   (Sept 24 ) Pilots: Larry Cochran with Hugh Dyer,  Frank Heintz with Robin Gauss, and John Grube with Bob Nussbaum. 

October Volunteers: Pilots: Larry Cochran, John Grube, Jim Gaskin, Frank Heintz, Dale Smith, Ted and Margo Kenney   Doctors: Laura Polito and Nicole Christiano   Dentists: John Grube, Kevin Miller, Robert Ruby Audiologist: Bonnie Rettegers       Optometrist: Jerry Groff          MA: MariAnn Popp

Dental Assistants: Larry Cochran, Melodi Willis and Marilyn Zellet   Pharmacy: MarilynnEnns, AlisonGrube Translators: Kristina Carlisle, Melena Warden, Mark Warden      Helpers: Margo Kenney, Dale Smith Photographer: Alison Grube  

Pre-Trip Potluck:  Home of Frank Heintz on Wednesday, November 4…

Map to Potluck

November Trip:  Lucky Friday the 13th! Call Melodi  at 805 736-7123 to participate.

P.O. Box 538
Goleta  CA 93116

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