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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

June 2008


Hard to believe another season of 9 trips is behind us. We were fortunate to have had good weather for all the flights. The Channel Cat Boat trip fundraiser was a big success and everyone reported having a good time. The full moon rising was beautiful! The next event is the Sept 7th barbeque. Please mark your calendars.


The medical side was well-staffed with Drs. Scheib and Vallee and nurse practitioner Myra Cochran. Lydia Ladah was a welcome addition to the medical translating team and we hope she returns many times. With a small yet competent, medical team, the patients, including some from the military camp, were seen very efficiently. Thanks to Mariln Enns for her terrific management of the meds , seeing that the Pharmacy runs smoothly and patients have what they need while we are away for the summer.


The dental clinic ran smoothly with expert triage being done by Marilyn Zellet. John Grube, with the help of Larry Cochran, kept busy with fillings and extractions. Newcomer John McNeil, with the assistance of Melodi Willis, did a great job doing extractions. LynDee Rankin and Marleen Archer efficiently ran the sterlization. Donna Hillman diligently cleaned teeth and worked harder and longer than anyone. All in all, a great finish to a wonderful season. Thanks to all our volunteers throughout the year!!


Fourteen San Diego area volunteers in five planes came up to join us on the Channel Cat and support Aeromedicos. The group included the team that worked on Angel Aguilars challenging reconstruction. Hopefully they will join us in September. Thanks for their support.


Sunset Cruise, Thursday evening… Full Moon rising… Aeromédicos fund raiser. Send in your reservation.


Pilots: Craig Arcuri, Larry Cochran, Terry Kitasuchi, John Grube, Frank Heintz, Ted Kenney, Ross Rankin

MDs: John Vallee, Jim Scheib

Optometrist: Gerry Groff

Nurse Practitioner: Myra Cochran

Helper: Rachel Sheib, Margo Kenney, LynDee Rankin, Russ and Marleen Archer, Adrian and Dawn Hensack

Interpreters: Lydia Ladah, Silvia Morgan, Don Zellet, Marilyn Zellet

Dentists: John Grube, John McNeil

Med Student: Tom Sichi

Dental Hygiene: Donna Hillman


Volunteers, call Melodi at (805) 736-7123.

Trip will be October 11th.

The PRE-TRIP BARBEQUE and season kick-off will be September 6, starting at 3 PM, at the ranch of Robin and Nancy… Click here for details »

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