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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

February 2008


Simply beautiful weather both ways. Eight planes made the trip. The peninsula has greened up considerably from all the rains.


We had a very efficient medical clinic this month. Keeping waiting patients outside reduced the chaos immensely. We had help from two Americans from San Juanico, one of whom, Hanna DeArc, was a critical care nurse from Arkansas, who was just passing through! We saw over 50 patients, including several of the soldiers who sat outside the clinic all day. One patient was complaining of a bullet behind his eye that bothered him most when he played soccer! We also surveyed both Eustaquio and waiting patients for ideas on how we can make the medical clinic more useful to them.


The Dental Clinic ran like clockwork with Donn Zellet doing triage and keeping the patients organized and the dentists busy. Stu MacPherson was able to get two root canals done, along with several fillings. Newcomer Jerry Woolf did a wonderful job extracting teeth and worked on an unusual case of tori removal to help fit dentures made by Dick Klein. John Grube was busy drilling, filling, and extracting. Dick Klein took impressions and delivered much-needed dentures and partials to smiling patients. Lisa Martin, assisted by Rachel Martin, saw many patients for cleanings. Lexy Patterson did an awesome job with sterilization. We saw over 65 patients.


Gerry Groff was kept busy in the eye clinic, fitting many patients with new glasses… a really important service that lasts a long time. The people who live on the remote ranchos call by radio to find out when the eye doctor will be there.


Last month Peter Lewis flew his plane down to Loreto to pick up Angel and Fidel for evaluations in San Diego by a group called Fresh Start. Louis Beacham flew them back the following week. Hopefully treatment will begin/continue this spring for Fidel and Angel.


Pilots: Larry Cochran, Jim Gaskin, John Grube, Frank Heinz, Ross Rankin, Ted Kenney, Captain Mac and Roni, Jerry Woolf

MDs: Bob Gayou, Erik MacFarland

RN: Hanna DeArc

Optometrist: Gerry Groff

Clinic Coordinator: Marilyn Enns

Translators: Susan Grube, Donn Zellet, Nelson Goes, Debbie Murphy

Helpers: Angela Van Brulle, Claire Woolf, Lexy Patterson, Kim Nizic, Rachel Martin

Dentists: Dick Klein, John Grube, Stu Macpherson, Jerry Woolf

Dental Assistants: Roni Macpherson, Larry Cochran, Melodi Willis

School Computers: Allan Kleiman

EMTs: Mike Nizic, Chris Huntsman


Volunteers, call Melodi at (805) 736-7123.

Trip will be March 14, or March 13 for Whale Watchers.

Potluck will be Wednesday, March 5 at the home of the Coryats. Please bring a dish to share. Click here for details »

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