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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

December 2007


The weather was forecast to be very unsettled, both for the departure and return days of the clinic weekend, therefore the trip was cancelled.

The following report is an account from pilot Larry Cochran, of the efforts to get our five year permit. Larry and translator Don Zellet went down on the first weekend of December.

After a two day delay due to Baja weather, we departed for La Paz to meet with an Airport Inspector, Laura Bautista, from Mexico City, to obtain a 5 year runway permit for Cadeje. Strong tail winds gave us airspeeds in excess of 190 knots, allowing us to arrive in La Paz by 3 PM Saturday.

A phone call to Laura found her preparing to return to Mexico City. She believed we were not coming due to the weather. Laura graciously changed her flight to Sunday evening. Sunday morning Don and I, with our inspector, departed for Cadeje. Waiting in Cadeje were Eustaquio and Chatin Meza, who just happened to be driving by and was stopped by Eustaquio, who advised him of our planned arrival. Big thanks go to Eustaquio for his 16 hours of work to make the runway usable after the most significant rain in Cadeje in 12 years.

The results of the inspection require concrete run-up pads with the correct runway numbers, 02 and 20. All the rocks and berms are to be removed to the fence line. The windsocks are to be reinforced to stand out on their own and larger fire extinguishers are required.

After two hours of inspection and negotiations, we returned to La Paz. Many thanks to Laura, who is working hard to help us obtain this permit. Don and I wanted to spend the night in Mulege but a phone call to the Serenidad found the runway closed for several days, also due to heavy rain. Thus, we made a short flight to Loreto to spend the night.

We believe this trip was successful and hopefully will lead to a five year airport permit for Cadeje.


Volunteers, call Melodi at 805 736-7123.

Trip will be January 11.

Potluck will be Wednesday, January 2 at the home of Margo and Ted Kenney. Click here for details »

Hapy Holidays to all our members and friends.

All the best for the New Year!

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