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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

November 2007


Seven airplanes made the trip in generally great weather, except for persistent headwinds in both directions. Several planes went early and finished the plumbing on the bathrooms behind the clinic, to the delight of all. Finally, a real bathroom!


The medical side saw over 30 patients on Saturday, and, under Marilyn's capable direction, the triage, pharmacy, lab, and MD's were able to take care of everybody. The doctors saw an unusual number of complicated problems and, thanks to the capable translators, Brad Chmelka and Teresita, were actually able to understand the problems. The new medic in San Juanico happened to be in the clinic and provided some essential background on one patient with a rare connective tissue disorder. It was a real treat to have Dr. John Thacher return with his dermatology skills, aided by assistant Kathy Ogden.


The dental clinic was well staffed. An electrical glitch was fixed by Gene Willis and Larry Cochran, saving the dental clinic that was stranded without the power. Dr. MacPherson began with several root canals and was assisted by Patsi Hodges. Dr. Grube was kept busy filling and drilling, assisted by Larry Cochran. Dr. Dick Klein was a welcome sight, not only to our group, but also to the patients waiting for new dentures. Melodi Willis filled a big need by cleaning teeth. Gene Willis and Wyatt Burney were in charge of sterilization. Translation was performed beautifully by Susan Grube and Donn Zellet. Donn did a great job with triage, as well.


The new bathrooms were a collective effort. However, no one did more to see that the project was ready at the start of the clinic than Bob Nussbaum. Bob was our self appointed foreman during the interval between clinics. Thanks for your help.


Pilots: Frank Heintz, Ted Kenney, John Grube, Larry Cochran, Craig Arcuri, Stu MacPherson, John Thacher

MDs: Eric McFarland, John Thacher

Dentists: John Grube, Stu MacPherson, Dick Klein

RN: Marilyn Enns

Dental Assistants: Larry Cochran, Melodi Willis, Patsi Hodges

Medical Assistant: Kathy Ogden

EMTs: Mike Niezec, Sandy Burney

Translators: Donn Zellet, Teresita, Brad Chmelka, Susan Grube

Helpers: Maggie Crosby, Margo Kenney, Debbie Donley, Gene Willis, Wyatt Burney, Kim Niezec


Volunteers, call Melodi at 805 736-7123.

Trip will be December 7.

Potluck will be Wednesday, November 28 at the home of Frank Heintz. Click here for details »

This time of year we try to collect school supplies for the local Cadeje children. If possible, please bring items to the potluck or arrange to drop them off at your convenience. Art supplies are always welcome, as are sports equipment and bilingual dictionaries. Also, used laptops, even broken, are welcome. We can repair them.

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