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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

October 2007


Two cars were driven down by Robin Gauss and Blake Rankin in a record three days. They arrived on Tuesday in Cadeje after a 6 hour trip over the 100 mile north road and two flat tires. They highly recommended someone else do the trip next time. One Airplane arrived in Cadeje on Sunday to get the new bathrooms started. Another arrived on Thursday. The other planes went to Mulege on Thursday and Friday. The weather was good both directions.


A new bathroom was begun on Monday morning and by clinic’s end on Saturday the water tower was finished. The bathroom was almost ready for the roof and the all-important septic system was complete. Hopefully by the next clinic the bathroom will be complete. Bob Nussbaum is staying down to supervise the completion.


The medical team was well staffed with three MDs, including newcomer Barbara Hrach. The medical side was very efficient and all patients were seen in a timely fashion. RN Monika Berger was a first-time participant and helped adapt a knee brace for a young man by improvising with a paper clip. One of our needs is an audiologist for the November trip. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.


The Dental Unit was in tip-top shape due to Hugh Dyer, Melodi Willis and Angie Dyer coming over on Friday to get things running and ready for Saturday. Also, Stu Macpherson came down on Sunday and stayed thru Wednesday and installed a new dental unit. The clinic ran smoothly with Marilyn Zellet doing triage, and John Grube and Chuck Moggia drilling, filling and extracting. Chuck Moggia started the day off with a root canal and Stu MacPhearson will finish RCT next month. The dentists were assisted by Larry Cochran, Ashley Dason, and Patsi Hodges. Donna Hillman was a blessing. With several people wanting their teeth cleaned, she was able to see all patients. Melodi Willis was a rover and kept the clinic moving at a good pace. Angie Dyer and Tony Ripparretti did a great job with sterlization.


Pilots: Frank Heintz, Brian Coryat, John Grube, Tobin Greensweig, Jim Gaskin, Larry Cochran, Ted Kenney, Dale Smith, Ross Rankin

MDs: Jim Scheib, Debbie Weinstein, Barbara Hrach

Dentists: John Grube, Chuck Moggia

RNs: Bobbi Bliss, Monika Berger, Marilynn Enns

EMTs: Danika Graehl, Chris Huntsman Dental Assistants: Melodi Willis, Larry Cochran, Patsi Hodges, Ashley Dason.

Hygienist: Donna Hillman

Dental Repair: Hugh Dyer

Translators: Brad Greenbaum, Marilyn Zellet, Donn Zellet, Teresita, Brian and Chary Coryat

Helpers: Margo Kenney, Karyn Yule, Angie Dyer, Avinasu Mesipam, Tony Ripparretti.

Construction Workers: John Grube, Jim Scheib, Blake Rankin, Bob Nussbaum, Tony Ripparretti, Mike Crookston, Robin Gauss, Tobin Greensweig, Brad Greenbaum, David Coryat.


November trip will be Nov 9th. The pre-trip potluck will be Nov 1st, at the home of John Goerke, click here for details »

November volunteers, call trip contact Melodi Willis at (805) 736-7123.

The Baja 1000 road Race will go thru Cadeje on Thursday late afternoon thru Friday am. of clinic week. Anyone interested in going down early to watch the race contact Melodi.

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