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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

June 2007


All pilots must have been living clean, righteous lives because we had tail winds both directions. There was some early morning fog on the Cadeje side but it cleared before 9 AM. The weather was not as hot as June can sometimes be. In fact, on the Pacific side, a blanket felt appropriate at night.


The medical side was well-staffed with Drs. Scheib and Vallee assisted by nurse practitioner Myra Cochran. Alicia Monticelli, who is now in med school, joined us on this trip from New York. Aeromedicos has helped inspire and motivate a significant number of young people to attend medical schools. Helping these young people achieve their goals is every bit as important as the services we provide.

With a full complement of nurses, EMTs, and paramedics, the patients, including some from the military camp, were seen very efficiently.


Having four dentists was a real luxury in the dental area. Although a little short of dental assistants, Rick Rounsavelle and Kevin McNally assisted for each other, Patsi Hodges helped Dr. Suzuki, and Larry Cochran assisted Dr. Grube. John Beck and Lyndeee Rankin did the sterilization and fill-in assisting, while Dawn O’Bar did the triage and translation. All in all, 45 patients were seen, the last patient being a difficult root canal performed by Dr. Suzuki.


A very big thanks to all the volunteers from October thru June. Aeromedicos is far more then the sum of the parts and what you do lasts a lot longer than you think.

Last year at this time, Eustaquio’s son, Angel, was facing his first operation in San Diego to repair the facial trauma of his accident. As this letter is written I am happy to report that the final surgery, which lasted over seven hours, with a team of surgeons, was a great success! Angel will recuperate in San Diego at Mike Nizec’s home until August and then return home.


Pilots: Craig Arcuri, Larry Cochran, Jim Gaskin, John Grube, Frank Heintz, Ted Kenney, Ross Rankin

MDs: John Vallee, Jim Scheib

Clinic Coordinator: Marilynn Enns

Family Nurse Practitioner: Myra Cochran

RNs: Bobbie Bliss, Erin Sparks

EMTs: Hillary Runnels, Alicia Monticelli, Chris Huntsman

Paramedic: Brian Burger

Helpers: Karen Yule, John Beck, Margo Kenney, Lyndee Rankin

Interpreters: Erin Sparks, Dawn O’Bar, Scott O’Bar. Adrian de Mulege

Dentists: John Grube, Rick Rounsaville, Kevin McNally, Tad Suzuki


October trip will be Oct 12. The pre-trip barbeque and season kick-off will be Sept 22, at the ranch of Robin and Nancy… click here for details »

October volunteers, call trip contact Melodi Willis at (805) 736-7123.

Trip photos needed! Please send to John Grube at or bring by the office.

Aeromedicos pilots will try to arrange a fun trip to Warner Springs Ranch in late August. If interested please call Frank for more details at (805) 966-9568.

Remember the wine and cheese event July 21st.

An annual summary letter will be published in August with trip dates and important information for the next year.

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