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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

May 2007


Friday’s weather was generally unremarkable, except for some headwinds south of San Felipe. One plane stayed on the Cadeje side. The rest stayed on the Mulege side. The days were warm and the nights very pleasant. May is a great month in southern Baja.


With three MDs the medical side ran very smoothly. There was a sampling of hypertension, diabetes, seasonal allergies, ringworm, a knee injury, urinary infection, and a suspicious lump in a woman’s breast which was referred to Ciudad Constitucion for further evaluation. There were about 30 patients seen on the medical side. The chiropractic clinic saw 16 patients. This is a very well received and much appreciated service. The nurses and emts did a great job with the pharmacy and screening. Thanks for the great teamwork!


The dental clinic was a great success with a well-rounded staff. John Grube kept busy with extractions and fillings, with the help of Patsi Hodges. George Schneider filled and drilled with the assistance of Melodi Willis. Stu MacPhearson was able to start and complete 3 root canals. One turned out to be a difficult case but Stu worked diligently till it was completed. Lisa Martin did an exceptional job cleaning teeth. Rochelle Smith jumped right in learning sterilization and did a wonderful job. Peter Lewis and Antonia did triage. The dental clinic saw a total of 44 patients. All in all a great job!!

Other Notes: Don Zellet spent almost two hours discussing the airport permit and airport issues with Chatin Mesa the current leader of the ejido. Chatin agreed to sign the needed papers.


Pilots: Jim Gaskin, Tobin Greensweig, John Grube, Frank Heintz, Ted Kenney, Peter Lewis, Ross Rankin

RNs: Bobbie Bliss, Christine Gaskin

MDs: Debbie Weinstein, Eric MacFarland, Gary Greensweig

Chiropractor: Bob Wilcher

Clinic Coordinator: Marilyn Enns

EMTs: Chris Huntsman, Leo Ramsey, Douglas Brimm

HELPERS: Rochelle Smith, Margo Kenney

INTERPRETERS: Don Zellet, Leo Ramesy, Adrian Villavicencio

DENTISTS: Stu Macpherson, John Grube, George Schnieder


DENTAL ASSISTANTS: Patsi Hodges, Melodi Willis



Aeromedicos will again be the recipient of some money from the July wine festival in Santa Barbara. We are looking for items that can be donated for a silent auction. Be creative and call 736-7123 to list your service or item.


Next trip will be June 8th. The preptrip potluck will be Wednesday, May 30th at the home of Craig and Kari Acuri. Click here for details »

June volunteers, call trip contact Melodi Willis at (805) 736-7123.

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