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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

April 2007


Strong winds on Thursday laid down by Friday morning and the trip down was smooth. Sunday’s return was great until San Felipe area, where strong headwinds were encountered, with a small dust storm between San Felipe and Calexico.


Great team work, as always! The EMTs took blood pressures and histories to aid the physicians. Steve Enright with wife Polly translating, and Eric MacFarland with Erin Sparks translating, treated about thirty patients, Lisa Fabian and Bobby Bliss did lab work and helped in the pharmacy. There was the usual mix of health problems and one possible ectopic pregnancy, that turned out to be normal, after a sonogram in Ciudad Constitucion.


One enduring image from the dental side was a cluster of local kids, all girls, standing in the doorway, watching Irma Perez, a pediatric specialist, work. I am sure she inspired some gals to a least think about possibilities… wonderful. Dick Klein delivered many dentures to smiling, appreciative, patients. Dick knows many of the local people from trips that he has made over the years to remote mountain areas.

The dental clinic ran smoothly with Susan Grube performing triage. Brett Grube was kept busy cleaning, filling and extracting teeth. John Grube did a root canal with the help of Melodi Willis. John Goerke did a great job with the sterilization. All in all, 46 patients were seen.


Pilots: Craig Arcuri, John Goerke, Jim Gaskin, John Grube. Frank Heintz, Tom Koff, Steve Huff

RNs: Bobbie Bliss Erin Sparks, Lisa Fabian MDs:Steve Enright, Eric MacFarland

Pharmacy: Amy Musante, Wendy Goodman Clinic Coordinator: Marilyn Enns

EMTs: Brian Burger, Danielle Cole, Danika Graael, Hillary Runnels

HELPER: Karen Yule INTERPRETERS: Susan Grube, Polly Parker

DENTISTS: Dick Klein, Irma Perez, Brett Grube, John Grube

Dental Assistants: Patsi Hodges, Melodi Willis

Videographer: Colin Renauld


We need an OPTOMETRIST for the May trip!

We always need USED LAPTOPS for the school… even if they are not working. They can possibly be repaired by UCSB students.

Next trip will be May 11th. The preptrip potluck will be Wednesday, May 2nd at the home of John and Lisa Derrick. Click here for details »

May volunteers, call trip contact Melodi Willis at (805) 736-7123.

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