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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

March 2007


The March trip is always popular, with its potential to go a day early and pet baby gray whales. Eight planes arrived at the San Ignacio Lagoon on Thursday afternoon and almost every one had the opportunity to pet a whale. Four planes stayed on the Pacific side and 6 on the Mulege side. Two planes came down on Friday, as per the usual trip schedule.


The Medical Clinic saw 46 patients. Highlights included a re-check of our patient, with the concussion, whom we flew to La Paz 2 months ago. He was in a coma for 8 days and didn't need surgery. His recovery continues but he is very quiet and his personality has not returned to normal. We also had a young woman with swelling in her thumb that was drained to remove a cactus spike that had been in her hand for over 2 years. Was she grateful!!! We cleaned up the pharmacy and left medications for Eustaquio. Reminder… We only use formulary meds. Please don't bring down samples without clearing them with Marilyn Enns. Great work by the whole team!


The Dental Clinic was very busy with the highest amount of patients ever seen… a total of 62. The dentists were working very hard. Steve Mascagno was a great asset. He was able to see some children who had been waiting for a pedodontist for several months. Charles Moggia and John Grube did several extractions and many fillings. Dick Klein kept busy, as usual, in the denture department. The dentists were assisted by Melodi Willis, Ruthann Quarles (this was her last trip with us) and Larry Cochran, who did a wonderful job learning to be a dental assistant. Lyndee Rankin was in charge of sterilization. All patients were seen and left with smiles on their faces.


Debbie Donley did a craft lesson in the school with the local kids. They made corn husk dolls and costume jewelry. This was much appreciated by the kids. Frank brought balloons to make animals for the kids, which was also a big hit, The folks who stayed on the Cadeje side were rewarded with great food, prepared under the supervision of Silvio, with help from almost everyone. Thanks Tom and Sue for being such great hosts. Herlinda came to the clinic and looked great. We put her to work in the dental area.


Pilots: Craig Arcuri, Larry Cochran, Jim Gaskin, Frank Heintz, John Grube, Ted Kenney, Ross Rankin, Elwood Schapansky, John Goerke, Dale Smith

MD: Bob Gayou

Family Nurse Practitioners: Myra Cochran, Carol Gemberling

RN: Erin Sparks

EMTs: Thomas Birkholm, Kelsey Bentley

CN: Sylvia Venegas

Clinic Coordinator: Marilyn Enns

Translator: Marilyn Zellet

Dentists: Dick Klein, Chuck Moggia, Steve Mascagno John Grube

Dental Assistants: Ruth Ann Quarles, Melodi Willis, Herlinda Villavicencio, Larry Cochran, Karin Schapansky

Helpers: Jim Heintz, Amy Heintz, Margo Kenney, Angie Dyer, Amy Musante, Tiana Mascagno

Engineers: Don Bates, Hugh Dyer

Arts and Crafts: Debbie Donley, Frank Heintz

Master Chefs: Silvio and Mary


Next trip will be April 13th, luckily. The preptrip potluck will be Wednesday, April 4th at the home of John and Susan Grube. Click here for details »

April volunteers, call Melodi at (805) 736-7123.

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