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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

February 2007


Once again the forecast predicted rain, but Friday’s weather was great. Most planes entered through San Felipe. Two planes stayed on the Cadeje side and five stayed on the Mulege side. The return on Sunday was uneventful, as the Saturday rain had moved west. Don Bates and Kathryn stayed Sunday at San Ignacio Lagoon and went whale watching. They were able to pet a baby whale! They then returned Monday.


Saturday’s medical clinic was similar in size to the previous trip; about 40 patients were seen. Myra Cochran was busy alternating between treatment and triage. Debbie Weinstein saw patients with multiple problems, some needing referrals south to hospital services in La Paz. We were glad to see Steve Enright, after what seems like a long absence. Steve was kept busy with a full range of problems and conditions, also. Glad to have you back! The medical side was hampered by a lack of nurses and EMTs, but, with Marilyn’s direction, things went as well as possible.


The dental clinic saw 54 patients and included the return of the ever-popular Dick Klein and his denture clinic. With the generator running smoothly and no glitches to speak of, the number of procedures preformed was at an all-time high. This particular dental team has worked together on many occasions and all went very smoothly.


Frank’s van finally found a driver in Schuyler Gauss and Friend, but the van blew up outside of Guerrero Negro. Rescue Ross Rankin flew to a strip close-by and picked up the drivers. An appropriate super- hero logo will be painted on Ross’s airplane before the next trip. A Balloon expo was held outside the clinic with Frank and Tobin entertaining the kids. It was a hit with the kids and parents. Tobin also brought down 4 laptops and got the schools internet service back to full speed.


Gerry Groff was kept busy in the eye clinic with 35 patients who left with new glasses and smiles… a really important service that lasts a long time. We were told that the people who live on the remote ranchos call by radio to find out when the eye doctor will be there.


Pilots: Don Bates, Larry Cochran, Jim Gaskin, John Grube, Frank Heinz, Ross Rankin, Ted Kenney
MDs: Debbie Weinstein, Steve Enright
Nurse Practitioner:
Myra Cochran
Gerry Groff
Clinic Coordinator: Marilyn Enns
Sylvia Soria, Nadia Van Wingerden, Dale Dixon, Susan Grube, Marilyn Zellet
Karen Yule, Anastasia Van Wingerden Kathryn Kiceniuck, Schyuler Gauss, Andrew Van Gundy
Dentists: Dick Klein, John Grube, Stu Macpherson
Dental Assistants:
Ruth Ann Quarles, Roni Macpherson, Larry Cochran
School Computers: Tobin Greensweig


Next trip will be March 9th, or March 8th for Whale Watchers. The preptrip potluck will be Wednesday, February 28th at the home of Craig and Kari Arcuri. Click here for details »

March volunteers, call Melodi at (805) 736-7123.

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