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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

December 2006


Four planes made the December trip, after many last minute changes. The weather was very mild in Mulege and there was no fog in Cadeje on Saturday morning. There were, however, strong head winds on the return trip, with a little rain late Sunday afternoon.


With two MDs in attendance, all patients were seen and treated. When patients found out that Dr. Hallauer was a dermatologist, a new line formed to check skin areas of concern. Dr. Hallauer promised to return with his dermatology kit another time. Terry Harris, new EMT, and Leo Ramsey, new to the group from UCSB, along with Chris Huntsman, handled the nursing side of the clinic.


Twenty six patients were seen in the dental clinic, with Marilyn Zellet screening and keeping the flow moving in an efficient manner. It was great to have Ruth Ann back assisting, after too long of an absence. Stu and Roni MacPherson were picked up in San Diego, thanks to Jim Gaskin. Without the help of Jim and the MacPhersons, it would have been a tough clinic. Thanks to all for a great clinic.


PILOTS: Larry Cochran, Jim Gaskin, John Grube, Frank Heintz

MDs: Debbie Weinstein, Wolfgang Hallauer


DENTISTS: John Grube, Stu MacPherson

DENTAL ASSISTANTS: Roni MacPherson, Ruthann Quarles

DENTAL HELPER: Larry Cochran

EMT: Terry Harris, Chris Hunstman, Leo Ramsey

INTERPRETERS: Marilyn Zellet, Susan Grube

PHARMACY: Ross Rankin


Next trip will be January 12th. The preptrip potluck will be Wednesday, January 3rd at the home of John Goerke. Click here for details »

January volunteers, call Melodi at (805) 736-7123.

Happy Holidays to all our members and friends.
All the best for the New Year !

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