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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

April 2006


Friday morning was a lovely day to be flying. The pilots had already contacted San Felipe and knew not to stop there because they did not have fuel. Most entered through Guaymas and Ensenada. We had good weather both in Mulege and Cadeje, so everyone was happy. The predicted Sunday showers did not materialize and everyone had a safe, uneventful trip.


We left Mulege at about 8:30 with all volunteers eager to get to work at the Cadeje clinic. Our two nurse practitioners, Myra Cochran and Carol Gemberling, were able to see and treat all medical patients. Chris Huntsman did a great job in triage. Bobbie Bliss and Marilyn Enns were in charge of dispensing medicines. Sylvia and Lola interpreted with intermittent help from the dental interpreters. Lab duties were split between Lola and “trainee” Karen Yule. Only one referral was made for extended lab work. Children were treated for various ailments, including Chicken Pox. Thanks to all for another successful clinic... Great teamwork!


Stu MacPherson was assised by Roni MacPherson and Tiara Lopez. At all times there were three chairs fully functioning. Dick Klein was assisted by Marilyn Zellet, who also translated and continued with triage. Larry Cochran sterilized instruments, assisted at times by Karen Yule, who also assisted Lola Rosales. Donn Zellet did the initial triage before flying to Loreto with Jim Gaskin and Chatín Mesa. Twenty-one patients were seen and eight were asked to return in May for extractions and non-urgent fillings.


Pilots: Craig Arcuri, Larry Cochran, Jim Gaskin, Frank Heintz, Roni and Stu MacPherson
Family Nurse Practitioners: Myra Cochran, Carol Gemberling
Lola Rosales
RN: Bobbie Bliss
MA: Marilyn Enns
Chris Huntsman, Herlinda Villavicencio
Sylvia Venegas
Helpers: Karen Yule
Marilyn Zellet, Donn Zellet
Dick Klein, Stu MacPherson
Tiara Lopez
Dental Helpers:
Roni MacPherson, Larry Cochran


Next trip will be May 19th. Volunteers should call Melodi at (805) 736-7123.

Pre-Trip Potluck: The potluck will be held on May 10th at the home of John and Lisa Derrick. Click here for map and more info.

Note that the June trip will be on the third weekend June 16th.

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