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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

March 2006


Five planes departed Santa Barbara on Thursday morning, with fair weather. Stu and Roni MacPherson left Thursday from San Diego, with snow levels dropping to 1900 ft. by nightfall. Tobin Greensweig departed Santa Barbara Friday morning, with foul weather most of the way. Due to the Baja Bush Pilots’ annual whale watching trip coinciding with our March trip, there were more than 70 planes on the Mulege airstrip!

Friday morning everyone flew to San Ignacio for whale watching. Jim Gaskin and Donn Zellet headed to Loreto Friday afternoon to meet with the comandante regarding the permit for the Cadeje airstrip.


We had an excellent volunteer turnout on the medical side, with two first time physicians, Dr. Gary Greensweig and Dr. Diana Schwarzbein, who, together with Denise Kircher and Eric McFarland, were able to see the large group of medical patients by lunchtime. Dr. Greensweig is a Family Physician from Northern California and the father of Tobin, who has been a key member of the Engineers without Borders team who designed and installed the solar powered Cadeje Internet system and school computers. Dr. Schwarzbein is a Santa Barbara based Endocrinologist who grew up in a Spanish speaking hosehold. She was very helpful in trying to educate the many diabetic patients we see on the combined value of diet changes and proper medication. We hope to have both back with us again.


The dental clinic ran efficiently, with Dr. George Schneider and Dr. Stu MacPherson filling teeth and Dr. MacPherson doing a root canal. Dr. Neils Schmidt, from Denmark, joined us and kept busy extracting bad teeth. Dr. Dick Klein did his usual great job making dentures. Melodi Willis did several teeth cleanings. Dentists were assisted by Roni MacPherson and Marilynn Zellet while Donn Zellet did triage and Karen Yule sterilized instruments. All patients were seen!


Pilots: Tobin Greensweig, Frank Heintz, Jim Gaskin, Jeff Moorhouse, Craig Arcuri, Ted Kenney, Stu and Roni MacPherson

Doctors: Gary Greensweig, Eric McFarland, Diana Schwarzbein, Denise Kircher

Dentists: George Schneider, Stu MacPherson, Dick Klein, Neils Schmidt

Nurses: Marilynn Enns, Bobbi Bliss Dental Assistants: Roni MacPheron, Melodi Willis, Marilynn Zellet

EMTs: Alicia Monticelli, Randall Wright Translators: Dale Dixon, Donn Zellet, Leanne Elliott

Helpers: Elwood Schapansky, Karen Yule, Margo Kenney


Next trip will be April 21st. Volunteers should call Melodi at (805) 736-7123.

Pre-Trip Potluck: The potluck will be held on April 12th at the home of Myra & Larry Cochran. Click here for map and more info.

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