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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

February 2006


Friday was a great day for flying as four planes left from Santa Barbara, one from Santa Paula, and one from El Cajon. We were a small but mighty group that did a great job and managed to get in some fun and a lot of hard work to boot. Saturday we all took off for Cadeje with no cloud cover in sight and managed to take care of some paper work on the runway and that situation is looking better and better. The trip home was uneventful with everyone flying across to Guaymas for fuel and then on back home from there.


Saturday morning everyone was eager to get to Cadeje to get started on what we thought was going to be a very busy day. Myra Cochran, FNP, was kept busy taking care of 25 families, refilling medicines, and referring one patient for further studies. The EMTs were kept busy triaging patients and Alissa Monticelli, EMT, kept the lab services going the whole time. Eustaquio, resident doctor, was able to see patients also, after being seen by the dentist for a toothache and assisting with paper work for the runway. We were so pleased that all the EMTs were able to attend the clinic because the CPR class was to be held at the Fire Station at four in the afternoon in Mulege. The CPR team, with instructor Joel Chappel and interpreter Leslie Valle, had five civilians and ten firemen as students.

Thanks to all for a great clinic and thanks to those who handed out Valentines and goodies to all the kids.


With Ruth Ann Quarles in charge of the dental clinic and Don Paulus, Dick Klein, Lisa Williams, and Roni and Stu MacPherson doing all that was required, patients were taken care of in a timely manner. Thanks to Larry Cochran for his expertise on the sterilizer and to Jennifer Calderwood for her assistance. Lisa Williams, dental hygienist, had this to say, “Everyone was so helpful and we all worked as a team to get things done!”


Katherine Kicenuik: “A great expression of solidarity and America’s best show of foreign policy.”

Lisa M. Williams: “Our pilots are better than South West’s! Best team work I’ve ever seen!”

Mira Kazemi: “All the volunteers were so giving with no monetary consideration, so refreshing.”

Danielle Cole: “The most rewarding thing I’ve ever done! All the patients were so warm and appreciative of all our services!”


Pilots: Don Bates, Larry Cochran, Jim Gaskin, Frank Heintz, Ted Kenney, Roni MacPherson

FNP: Myra Cochran

Dentists: Don Paulus, Dick Klein, Stu MacPherson

Hygienist: Lisa Williams

RDA: Ruth Ann Quarles

RMA: Lola Rosales

EMTs: Joel Chappel, Danielle Cole, Mira Kazemi, Alissa Monticelli, Leslie Valle

Helpers: Jennifer Calderwood, Debbie Donley, Katherine Kicenuik

Cadeje Staff: Eustaquio, and Herlinda


Next trip will be March 10-11. Volunteers should call Melodi at (805) 736-7123.

Pre-Trip Potluck: The potluck will be held on March 1 at the home of Craig and Kari Arcuri. Click here for map and more info.

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