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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

January 2006


Three planes left Santa Barbara early Friday the 13th. Upon arrival at San Felipe we were informed that the gas pumps had broken down that morning and there was no fuel available. Frank was able to relay the information to the other planes so they could divert to Ensenada. There were headwinds both ways on this trip, making the travel time a little longer.


Audio Clinic: With only one day’s notice, the “Mulege Audio Clinic” got off to a great start, thanks to Jim and Annie posting signs in town. The response was tremendous and 16 patients were tested, 19 hearing aids were dispensed, and two children were placed on antibiotics for ear infections. We are in desperate need of hearing aid batteries (all sizes), so be on the lookout. Thanks to all for a job well done.

Medical Clinic: Early Saturday morning we were informed that the runway in Cadeje was available and that we could go in to deliver medicines and that Tobin could make a “computer run” to San Juanico. What we thought was going to be a quick drop off ended quite differently. Eustaquio was able to treat a few patients. Lola dispensed medicines. Herlinda told dental patients to return in February and Teresita was able to do some physical therapy. Most patients came in for medication refills. Due to the heavy volume of refills, the plastic bins came back to Mulege very light. We are in need of cough and cold medicines (over the counter OTC’s) for both children and adults, as our supply has dwindled. Thanks to the pilots who carried the medicines and started the generator and to Tobin for his computer expertise.


Next trip will be February 10. Volunteers should call Melodi at (805) 736-7123.

Pilots and interested volunteers for the February trip: call Melodi at 736-7123 if you have not signed up.

Pre-Trip Potluck: The potluck will be held on February 1 at the home of Ted and Margo Kenney. Click here for map and more info.


Pilots: Jim Gaskin, Tobin Greenswig, Frank Heintz, Jeff Moorhouse
Audiologist: Bonnie Rettgers
RMA: Lola Rosales (clinic coordinator)
EMT: Natalie Kornbluth
Translator: Marilyn Zellet

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