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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

May 2005


Two planes left on Thursday for San Juanico/Cadeje On Friday, one more left for Cadeje and five left for Mulege. The weather was clear with favorable winds. As always, a big thank you to our dedicated and resourceful pilots.


Saturday the coastal fog prevented the Mulege planes from arriving until after 10 a.m. Drs. Jim Mitchell and John Vallee, of the San Juanico group, were already seeing patients . Ehrlinda and Dale Dixon had the waiting patients organized, with charts in hand. Dr John Vallee's special patient, Miguelito, age ten, of San Juanico, who has cystic fibrosis, seems to be doing better for now. Dr Vallee always make a house call or two when staying on the San Juanico side.


With talent to spare, the dental clinic saw 32 patients, most of them children who had come to see the two pediatric specialists, Drs. Yvonne Roshan and Steve Mascagno. Their skills were greatly appreciated by the families of the area. We sincerely hope to have a return visit. Australia was represented by Dr Dick Milner and his wife Liz, who did the majority of the extractions. They were visiting the Mulege Rotary Clinic and asked to come with us to help in Cadeje…always appreciated. Thanks to Dana Longo who did triage and Peter Lewis who did the sterilization.


Don Bates, Tobin Grensweig, and Francisco Regaldo did two full days' work on the school's water system and completed the clinic internet connection in conjunction with last month's project. The secondary school students are now bringing their parents to school to show them how to use the internet. Tobin took some great pictures which will be posted on our website.


Pilots: Craig Acuri, Carl Bergman, Don Bates, Frank Heintz, John Grube, Ross Rankin, Scott Gordon, Don Stewart, Peter Lewis, Ron Smith Dentists: John Grube, Dick Milner, Steve Mascagno, Yvonne Roshan MDs: Jim Mitchell, John Vallee Clinic Coordinator: Ehrlinda Villavicencio

RNs: Kathleen Yergel, Leslie Valle, Brent Fuesdale, Alisa Monticelli, Risa Rigaldo RMA: Lola Rosales Dental Assistants: Melodi Willis, Liz Milner, Ruth Ann Quarles, Peter Lewis Pharmacy: Luci Anderson, Hilary Anderson, Debbie Donally Translators: Dana Longo, Dale Dixon ENGINEERS: Don Bates, Francisco Regaldo, Tobin Greenweig


Trip date: June 10, 2005

Pre-trip potluck: Wednesday, June 1, 2005.

The pre-trip potluck meeting will be held at the home of Kari and Craig Acuri. Click here for time and location.

Volunteers for June call Lola at 563-2440. Pilots for June call Lisa at 682-1472.

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