FEBRUARY TRIP Rain interfered with the scheduled February trip date. However, Dr Dick Klein, our denture specialist from Mulege, needed to fit some cases in order to have them completed by June. A small clinic, with David Rose MD, Ruth Anne Quarles dental assistant, Dick Klein DDS, John Grube DDS, Susan Grube translator, and local pilot George Kreiger, was held on the 26th of February. George has proven to be invaluable with last minute transportation. Thanks to all of our Mulege support group for the essential work that they do.

MARCH TRIP The March trip is traditionally our largest trip and this time was no exception. Fourteen airplanes participated in the trip. With the minor inconvenience of coastal fog, the weather was great.

As outlined below, this trip was one of the most productive trips we have completed to date.

MEDICAL CLINIC NOTES The good fortune of having three MDs and one physicians' assistant made the treatment of some fifty five patients run smoothly. This was the first trip for MDs Dan Greenberg and Steven Yao and we hope they will return. Triage of waiting patients is always a key to an efficient operation and Adria Lawson's bilingual skills were put to good use in that regard. PA Carol Gemberling, with the assistance of Mary Prosch, did the OBGYN care and even stayed late to see some last minute patients. Thanks to the entire medical team for a job well done

DENTAL CLINIC NOTES The dental team of four dentists and the support crew have worked together on previous trips. However, the team work of this clinic seemed especially efficient. Don Zellet doing triage kept the team working at a good pace so that when the day was done we had seen 49 patients� a new record for the dental clinic. Dr Nagy's daughter, Hanna, was able to practice her Spanish skills and see her Dad give great service to some deserving people. Hugh Dyer, our dental repair tech, installed a donated chair from Dr Nagy that Joel Chappell had driven down. When something needs fixing in the dental clinic, Hugh is on it, no waiting!

AUDIOLOGY CLINIC NOTES Dr. Bonnie Rettgers once again joined us for a dramatic clinic. 15 people were seen, with Susan Grube translating. This is the best story to date: A 32 year old woman who lives with her mother had never be seen by an Audiologist, and had been told not to go to school as a young girl because she screamed. A year ago some one let her try their hearing aid and she heard sounds that gave her hope. When the mother found out that Bonnie was coming on this trip, she arranged transportation to get to the clinic. The smile on this gal's face alone could be enough reward for the entire year.

FIRST AID TRAINING COURSE In response to a request by local people for first aid training, a class was given by EMTs Joel Chappell, Brett Williams, and RN/ translator Leslie Vallee, in adjacent San Juanico. The course was a big success and further training has been requested. Future courses are planned for Mulege and San Juanico.

VETERINARY CLINC (PERROMEDICOS, SAN JUANICO) In just two days we vaccinated 260 animals and medically/surgically treated 150 (the majority of which were spays/neuters)!!! We had a wonderful crew of 7 veterinarians (Lorraine Sellers, Rainee Johnson, Karen Jackson, Karen Blumenshine, Denise Jones, Frank Longley, and Joyce Tuttle), 1 anesthesiologist (David Rose), 5 veterinary technicians (Brenda Faw, Joyce Cox, Candice Nelms, Nancy Callahan, and Luci), 1 professional animal handler (Greg Well), and 3 gals in admitting (Linda Rose, Sandi Satterfield, Pat Lewellyn). Aerom�dicos members helped out in the recovery area. Thanks to everyone's hard work we had a very successful clinic.


Pilots: ,Craig Acuri, Jim Gaskin, Frank Heintz, ,John Goerke, John Grube, Dan Greenberg, Ted Kenney, George Kreiger, Tom Koff, Roni MacPherson, Kent Pember, Tom Pinney Ross Rankin, Ellwood Shapansky, Don Stewart Dentists: John Grube, Dick Klein, , Richard Nagy, Stu MacPherson, MDs: Dan Greenberg, Debbie Weinstein, Steven Yao,. RNs,Sandra Burney, Lisa Fabian, Mary Prosch,,Dona Jones ,Isabel Cadena, Adria Lawsen,Kara Milgram Marci Lang, Christine Snider, Pam Wells Dental Assistants:, Ruth Ann Quarles,, Roni and Skye MacPherson Melodi Willis, Lyndee Rankin, Marilyn Zellet EMT: Brett Williams, Joel Chappell. John Mcwilliams, Jonathan Sales,.Pharmacy: Phil Catlin Angie Dyer, Clinic Coordinator, Marilyn Enns. Translators:, Nina Scaracello, Don Zellet, Susan Grube Helpers: Margo Kenney, Robin Gauss, Angie Dyer, .Chelsea Snider, Linda Weinstein, Carl Bergman

APRIL TRIP Trip date, April 8, 2005 --------------- pre trip potluck, Wed March, 30th

The Pre Trip potluck meeting will be held at The Kenneys --  Log on to the members page for directions

Volunteers for February call Marilyn Enns at--- 687-2911. Pilots, call Lisa at--- 682-1472


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