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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico


January 2005 


Don Bates left Santa Paula on Thursday morning to pick up Robin Gauss at Santa Barbara in order to work on the clinic electrical system on Friday so that it would be ready for us on Saturday. Four planes left Santa Barbara on Friday and two left from San Diego. The weather was generally good with a light rain shower about 100 miles south of San Felipe.The normally brown deserts were green and there was standing water from previous rains. We were delighted to see Erhlinda and Ramon back in Cadeje.

Three Physicians and great translators made the medical end run very smoothly. The nurses and EMT support are always an important part of an efficient clinic and this time we were well supplied with both. The medical side also had a massage therapist that was a great help to these hard working people's shoulders and backs. The medical side saw approximately 50 patients including two newborns.

The dental clinic was greatly helped by Erhlinda doing triage and helping to translate. Erhlinda can take our Spanish skills and elaborate in a very meaningful way to help with a treatment plan. Ehrlinda also was a great help with nervous children; it is terrific to have her back at the Clinic. Dick Klein was not able to be at the clinic for the ever-important Denture side, but Denny Ryan from Colorado was a great substitute.

Robin Gauss and Don Bates worked long and late in Cadeje on the electrical system with the help of Eustacio the mayor. They solved most of the short term problems and have further plans to improve the generator. We would also like to thank Judy Jenson for Her work as clinic coordinator. It is great to have such dedicated volunteers.

Pilots: Jim Gaskin, Frank Heintz, , John Grube, Ted Kenney, George Pallo, Don Bates, Roni MacPherson, Gordon Eldridge Dentists: John Grube, Denny Ryan, Stu MacPherson, MDs: David Rose, Bob Gayou , Eric MacFarland. RNs: Judy Jensen , Christine Snider, Dental Assistants:, Ruth Ann Quarles,, Roni MacPherson Linda Rose, Christine Dahl EMT: Brent Truesdale Julie Eldridge..Pharmacy: Lisa Runyan, Marilyn Enns. Translators: Terisita Carmello Ana Soto, Nina Scaracello Massage: Sally Fisher Helpers: Margo Kenney, Mike Crookston, Robin Gauss. 

Next Trip
February 11, 2005

Next PotLuck
 February 2nd, 2005 6:30pm at the home of Stephen Mascagno. Login to the Members Section for location specifics and driving directions.

Volunteers for January Trip
Call Lola Rosales, ph: 563-2440
Pilots call Lisa Derrick, ph:  682-1472 or 637-2863

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