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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

September 2004

A Letter From Our Chairman

Aeromédicos had another great year. Thanks to all of the outstanding volunteers and donors who helped continue our service to Cadeje. The following paragraphs recap some of the highlights of the 2003-2004 season, month by month:

October was a productive month, with Jim Gaskin, Robin Gauss, John Grube, Bob Nussbaun and Alan Lyonelli flying to San Juanico the weekend prior to the clinic to install needed lighting in the medical wing, cabinets in the dental area, an outside bench, and soundproofing for the generator. The clinic itself was blessed with 4 dentists working diligently while Hugh Dyer was busy repairing equipment. The medical staff was proficient in seeing a large number of patients, as well. Thanks to all for a great beginning!

November was yet another success with Drs. J.C. Ramírez and Lance Mason demonstrating their dedication to putting smiles on the faces of Cadeje. The medical side was humming with the ever-fast E.R. docs, Eric McFarland, Bob Gayou, and Debbie Weinstein. Newcomer Jeremy Goff ran an eye clinic, with Lorraine Bailon assisting.

December proved to be a fun-filled trip with beautiful weather.. All patients were seen and left happy. Thanks to David Coryat and his Santa Barbara Montessori School classmates, the children of Cadeje received over 130 books for the boarding school, as well.

January clinic was hopping with a well skilled and efficient staff. John Thatcher and Kathy Ogden had a dermatology clinic in Mulege on Friday and were able to join us in Cadeje for another great clinic on Saturday.

February we were unable to make a monthly trip due to a delay in the runway permit.

March was the whale watching trip with 8 planes landing in Loreto on Thursday. Friday was spent petting the whales in López Matéos. Saturday we ran into some Pacifi c coastal fog, delaying our arrival in Cadeje. Despite the delay, the clinic was a success. All patients were seen and left smiling. Lance Mason, David Dart, Erika Carter, Marilyn Enns and Lonnie Wu flew to Mulege, where they, too, had a wonderful clinic.

April brought a small, yet mighty, group. The discharge planner and computer were put to good use in giving instructions in Spanish. Newcomer Nadia Van Winderden was kept busy translating, and the dentists did root canals, extractions and several fillings. Aeromédicos was able to return an ailing American woman to San Diego for much needed medical help. Thanks to Stu MacPherson for your extra effort!

May was a busy clinic with newcomer Carol Gemberling seeing the ladies of Cadeje for GYN exams. The dental clinic ran smoothly with 3 dentists and Erika Carter doing triage. All patients were taken care of in a caring, efficient manner.

June…All systems were a-go! The maintenance crew had generators humming and were able to take good care of all who came into the clinic. More than 60 patients were treated by the medical staff, Dr. Steve Mascagno and Shania Groves were able to attend to the dental needs of the children of Cadeje.

July provided an efficient group with Robin and Skylar Gauss conducting electrical work. Dr. Eric McFarland, with the help of Brad Chmelka, were able to see the medical patients while over in the dental area were Dr. David Dart and Christine Snider. Good job!!!!

TO CONTINUE providing this level of care and commitment, we need your support. Please return the enclosed envelope with a donation for the 2004-05 Aeromédicos’ season. Thanks for your continued support,

John Grube, DDS
Chairman, Aeromédicos

Aeromedico Donations

Louis & Debora Beacham
Carl Bergman
Deborah Brown
C.W. & Billy Bryant
Kathleen Bryant
Paul Bryant
Carpinteria Lions Club
Brad Chmelka
Church & Dwight
Brian Coryat Seacoast Yachts
Michael Crookston
Jack & Janet Darian
Delta PSI Building
Joanne Dierdoff
Direct Relief
Rob & Judy Egenolf
Jim Gaskin
Bob & Luisa Gayou
Goleta Lions
Goleta Valley Optical
John & Susan Grube
June Grube
Dick & Claudia Herczog
Eric McFarland
Stu & Roni MacPherson
Lance Mason
David & Sydelle Menashe
B.B. & F.G. Mitchell
E. Morales
Mulege Rotary Club
Kathy Ogden
Bob Parker M.D.
Pleasant Valley Lions
Bettie Pycha
Robert Ruby D.D.S.
Jonathon Sales
Barry & Jean Schuyler
Sullivan Schein
James Tamborello D.D.S.
Teton-Landis Foundation
John Thatcher M.D.
Vivian Wuerth Thomas
Tides foundation Moffit Fund
Trilobyte Publishing
Leona Wallis
Warner Lambert
Debra Weinstein

Special note on the Pilots of Aeromedicos

We can never thank our Pilots enough for their donation of their planes and the time spent staying current with their flying skills. THANKS AGAIN, PILOTS OF AEROMEDICOS.

Volunteer of the Year

Three cheers for Lola Rosales, RMA, this year’s Volunteer of the Year! Throughout the past 12 years Lola has dedicated countless hours to supporting Aeromédicos in so many ways. She always has a smile and a helping hand ready whenever it is needed, whether it is as the trip flight coordinator, clinic coordinator, a translator, nurse, lab tech, fund raiser, secretary, pharmacist or friend.

Lola manages to travel with Aeromédicos almost every month and between trips she is busy ordering the needed medicines.She also helps to coordinate passengers with pilots, and makes the clinic assignments that insure each clinic is staffed with the needed volunteers to make the trip worthwhile and efficient. She also makes a GREAT trail mix, which she readily shares with lucky passengers and pilots!

¡Gracias por todo, Lolita...te agradecemos!

Many Thanks to Our Volunteers

Craig Arcuri
Mounir Ashamalla, DDS
Kristen Avery
Lorane Bailon
Louis & Debora Beacham
Carl Bergman
Beth Birkholm
Bobbi Bliss, RN
Karen Blumenshine, DVM
Claudia Brachtl
Don Briggs
John Broms, MD
Debi Brown
Karen Brown, EMT
C.W. & Claudia Bryant
Jane Burke
Sandra Burney, RN
Gabriella Cardi
Rick McDonald
Mary Carrigan
Erika Carter
Phil Catlin
Gary Chamber
Brad Chmelka
Dee Dee Cluts
Angelee Conroy
Brian & Chari Coryat
David Coryat
Michael Crookston
Shelia Cullen
Marla Daily
Kirk Connolly
Jack Darian
David Dart, DDS
Glen & Cornelia Davis
David Dawson, DVM
Lisa & John Derrick
Jackie DeSitter, MD
Silivio DiLoreto
Mary MacDonald
Dale Dixon
Debbie Donnelly
Jo Duffy
Hugh & Angie Dyer
Rob & Judy Egenolf
Marilyn Enns
Steve Enright, MD
Lisa Fabian, RN
Delia & Monica Felix
Hal Fletcher, MD
Jim Gaskin
Robin Gauss
Skylar Gauss
Bob Gayou, MD
Carol Gemberling
Elizabeth Gilmore
Jerry Goff
Scott Gordon
Elizabeth Graham,
Gerald Groff, OD
Shania Groves, RDA
John Grube DDS
Susan Grube
Sandra Gullett, RN
Karen Hanna, PA
Terry & Mark Harris
Malisa Harrison,RDA
Frank Heintz
Pam Heinz, RDA
Allison Henderson
Dick Herczog
Brad Hensley
Colin Hensley
John Hielman MD
Sammi Hilow, RN
Dibblee Hoyt
Frank Hull, DDS
Dana Jackobowski
Tom Keenan
Ted & Margo Kenney
Debra KealKahn
Clare Kimblin
Robin Klein, EMT
Dick Kline, DDS
Harry Knaster, MD
Tom Koff
Lucas Lackner
L.S. Leiterman
John Levy
Peter Lewis
James Lodas
Ralph & Marcy Luikart
Alan Lyonelli
Marcia Macduff, MD
Janie McCaw
Eric McFarland, MD
Kevin McNally
Lance Mason, DDS
Carol Matera
Stu MacPherson, DDS
Roni & Skye MacPherson
Steve Mascagno, DDS
Nicholas Mascagno
Glenn Miller, MD
Glenn & Barbara Mitchell
Donald Mobley, EMT
Check Montague, MD
Richard Nagy, DDS
Jeffrey Nelson, DDS
Huy Nguyen, DDS
Kim Nguyen
Bob Nussbaum
Kathy Ogden
Wester Olsen
Bob Openshaw
Matthew O’Shea
R.J. Parker
Jamie Patton
Kent Pember
Dana Penoff
J.R. Pineda
Peter Pornish
Ruth Ann Quarles, RDA
Lisa Quick
J.C. Ramirez, DDS
Ross & Lyndee Rankin
Lance Rennka
Bonnie Rettgers
Brad Olsen
Lola Rosales, RMA
David Rose, MD
Linda Rose
Rick Rousaville, DDS
Lisa Runyen
Jonathon Sales, EMT
Laura Sanchez
Jim Scheib, MD
Elwood Schapnsky
Barry & Jean Schuyler
Lori Shields
Luke Small, OD
Tom & Sue Smith
Christine Snieder, RN
Don Stewart
Patricia Stewart
Guy Tarleton, MD
John Thatcher, MD
Vivian Wuerth Thomas
John Vallee, MD
Leslie Vallee, EMT
Nadia Van Wingerden
Debbie Weinstein, MD
Nick Weissman
Jo Wideman
Trevor Williams, EMT
Melodi Willis, RDA
Lonnie Wu, LAC
Taleese Yonkers, RN
Marilyn Zellet, RDA
Donn Zellet


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