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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

October 2004

Trip Notes

The first trip of the season began with a good start. The weather was nice and everyone was anxious to get down to our favorite clinic. One plane did not make the trip due to plane problems and the passengers were a little disappointed but they will try again next month. The weather was "just right" and everyone was pleased with the way the clinic had survived the recent storms.

Medical Clinic Notes

The flight over the peninsula was so beautiful! There was a carpet of green on the mountains and canyons and not a cloud in sight as we neared the Pacific Ocean. We all had to ride to the clinic as the river was too full to cross by foot. The clinic was up and running when the rest of the planes arrived with personnel and medicines. Everyone worked hard to take care of all the patients. With four doctors in attendance everyone went away happy with their care and medicines. Herlinda was not feeling well so daughter Flor ably came to her assistance and gave out charts and numbers to the patients. Thanks to all you were GREAT!

Dental Clinic Notes

The dental clinic was small but efficient. Dr Grube and Melodi Willis were busy extracting and filling teeth. Marilyn Zellet did a great job in translating while Donn Zellet worked like a pro in triage. Lyndee Rankin sterlized instruments while taking time to help in the pharmacy. Dana Longo jumped right in with teaching the kids the proper way to brush. All patients were seen and left with smiles on their faces. Thanks to all for a great job!

Special Thanks

Thanks to Ross Rankin for leaving a little later on Friday AM to ensure Dr. Chris Geiler could come help us in the clinic. Also a big thanks to Don Bates and Carl Bergman for their outstanding work on the generator Friday and Saturday. This was Don's first trip and Carl was his trip mentor.

Tom and Sue Smith and Glenn and Barbara Mitchell were once again very generous with their homes in San Juanico. Dr. Jim Mitchell (no relation to Glenn) was able to save a vacationing surfer from a nasty scar by placing eight sutures under his right eye late Saturday afternoon. The adventures of staying on the Pacific side are always memorable.

October Volunteers

Pilots: Brian Coryat, Jim Gaskin, Scott Gordon, Mark Harris, Frank Heintz, Chuck Montague, Ross Rankin, Donn Bates, Carl Bergman, John Grube, Dentist: John Grube MDs: Jack Broms, Chris Geiler, Jim Mitchel, Chuck Montague Dental Assistant: Melodi Willis, Marilyn Zellet RMA: Lola Rosales EMT: Sandy Burney, Joel Chappel, Robin Klein, Alisa Monticelli, Jonathan Sales, Leslie Valle Audiologist: Bonnie Rettgers Translators: Brian and Chari Coryat, Sandy Burney, Leslie Valle, Lola Rosales, Marilyn Zellet, Donn Zellet Helpers: Bob Neusbaum, Dana Longo, Neil Rabin, Ernie Rischar, Lyndee Rankin. Construction: Jim Gaskin, Don Bates, Carl Bergman, Frank Heintz, Ross Rankin, Scott Gordon, Mark Harris, Neil Rabin.

Next Trip

November 12th, 2004. Clinic is on November 13th.

Next Pot Luck

Wednesday, November 3rd at the home of Margo and Ted Kenney. Login to the Members Section for location specifics and driving directions.

Volunteers for November Trip

Call Lola Rosales, ph: 563-2440.

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