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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

May 2004


It was a lovely day for flying!  All systems were go from Santa Barbara, with four planes lifting off early Friday morning.  Stu, Roni and Sky MacPherson departed from San Diego at noon, did a “supply drop” at Guadalupe Ranch, outside of Guerrero Negro, and arrived in Mulege by 5 p.m.


We all took off from Mulege bright and early Saturday morning.  There was some ground cover around Cadeje so we followed the river in and landed east to west on the Cadeje “pista” (runway). 

The medical clinic got off to a flying start, with patients that had been registered by Herlinda.  Once the discharge planner was booted up by the computer whiz, all patients were taken care of in a caring, efficient manner.  The ladies were happy to see nurse practitioner, Carol Gemberling, for their gyn exams.  Thanks to translator Lorane Bailon and all others who did such a fantastic job!


The dental clinic ran smoothly under the direction of Melodi Willis.  Dr. Stu MacPherson was assisted by his wife Roni.  Dr. David Dart and Dr. J.C. Ramirez did exceptional jobs, also.  Erika Carter jumped right in with triage for the dental area and Sky MacPherson was of great help sterilizing instruments.  All patients were seen and left happy, with smiles on their faces.


Pilots: Carl Bergman and Craig Arcuri, Frank Heintz, Jim Gaskin, Stu and Roni MacPherson, Don Stewart
Dentists: David Dart, Stu MacPherson, J.C. Ramirez
RDA: Melodi Willis (dental coordinator)
Dental helpers: Erika Carter, Roni MacPherson, Sky MacPherson, Don Stewart
MDs: Bob Gayou, Eric McFarland
Nurse practioner: Carol Gemerling
RN: Bobbie Bliss
EMT: Herlinda (Cadeje)
Translator: Lorane Bailon
RMA:  Lola Rosales (clinic coordinator)
Pharmacy helpers: Craig Arcuri, Lisa Runyen
Construction: Jim Gaskin, Frank Heintz, Carl Bergman, Don Stewart

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