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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

June 2004


All systems were “GO” for our monthly trip to Baja! Six planes lifted off from Santa Barbara Friday morning. John Grube and Ross Rankin had already left on Thursday, and the “new Baja van” had gotten a head start on Wednesday afternoon. Roni and Stu MacPherson left from San Diego with Skye on board. Thanks to all who answered the call for additional planes. Even with the additional planes, we were unable to accommodate all those who had signed up for this trip. The new Trip Schedule for 2004-05 will be sent out with the July Aeronotes and will also be available on the web site...Start planning for the next season now.


Saturday dawned clear and warm with eight planes leaving Mulege, fully loaded with the “new van” supplies.

Primary Care Physicians Jim Scheib and John Vallee had already commenced with the patients who were signed in. Once the maintenance crew had the generators running, we were able to treat patients, dispense medications, and, in general, take good care of all who came into the clinic for services. More than 60 patients were treated by the medical staff! Welcome to our newcomers Karen Hanna, PA, Jonathan Sales, EMT, and photographer, Nick Weissman. Aeromédicos hopes this will be the first of many trips for you. Thanks to those who triaged, took blood pressures, translated and helped with procedures, as well. All of you are an integral part of improving the health of a most grateful people.


On Friday morning the crews of the two Thursday planes worked on the dental clinic to ready it for Saturday. Hugh Dyer repaired equipment and helped John with the vacuum lines. Ross modified a cabinet and Melodi directed the organization of supplies. On Saturday Dr. Mascagno and his assistant Shaina Groves saw all the children in need of dental work . Dr. MacPherson and Roni did the fillings while Dr. Grube and Melodi Willis extracted the bad teeth. Beth Birkholm and Nicholas Mascagno sterilized instruments while Marilyn Zellet and Susan Grube did the triage and translation. Thanks to all for a great job!


Pilots: Carl Bergman, Brian Coryat, Jim Gaskin, John Grube, Frank Heintz, Ted Kenney, Peter Lewis, Stu MacPherson, Ross Rankin
Co-Pilots: Craig Arcuri, Skylar Gauss, Roni MacPherson, Margo Kenney
Dentists: John Grube, Steve Mascagno, Stu MacPherson
RDAs: Shaina Groves, Melodi Willis (dental coordinator)
Dental Helpers: Beth Birkholm, Roni and Skye MacPherson, Nicholas Mascagno, Hugh Dyer
MDs: Jim Scheib, John Vallee
PA: Karen Hanna
RNs: Bobbie Bliss, Sandra Burney, Delia Felix
EMTs: Herlinda (Cadeje), Peter Pornish, Jonathan Sales, Leslie Vallee
RMA: Lola Rosales (clinic coordinator)
Pharmacy Helpers: Bobbi Bliss, Monica Felix, Angie Dyer
Translators: Sandra Burney, Brian and Chari Coryat, Delia Felix, Susan Grube, Lola Rosales, Leslie Valle, Marilyn Zellet

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