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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

January 2004


Eight planes made the January trip. The weather was clear and the flight down uneventful. There was a bit of rain two days prior to our arrival and the Serenidad runway in Mulege was a bit wet. The Cadeje runway was dry but the river was flowing with water. There were two quinceañeros, fifteenth birthday parties, on Friday and Saturday nights in Mulege that some members of our group attended. These members enjoyed getting to know more of the local  people and their customs.


John Thatcher and Kathy Ogden came down on Thursday to do a dermatology clinic in Mulege and joined us on the Saturday trip to Cadeje. We were delighted to see them and they were put to good use at the Cadeje clinic.  Drs. Eric McFarland, David Rose and newcomer Guy Tarleton  saw all the patients, including a few latecomers who showed up after the clinic was closed. Thanks to all the helpers who made this an efficient and caring clinic.


Dr. Hui Nguyen and wife Kim were a great help on their first trip and we hope they join us again. Melodi cleaned teeth, always a great need, and Ruth Anne and Pam Heinz helped with the rest of the assisting chores.


In conversation with Arnulfo, who is in charge of the airport, it became obvious that he wanted to relieve himself of the airstrip responsibilities.  He also directed us to call the head of the ejido, Augustín Mesa, who lives in La Paz.

To keep the story short, an airport committee of Brian Coryat, Bob Openshaw and John Grube spoke with Augustín in La Paz and heard a similar concern. We have therefore proposed that the airstrip be leased to Aeromédicos for a nominal fee and that we then assume responsibilities for the strip. This was verbally agreed to with great enthusiasm by Augustín. There will be an ejido meeting on the 24th of February which we will attend to hopefully finalize this action.


The permit to land at the airstrip in Cadeje cannot be resolved until the Feb. 24th meeting . Alternate plans to land at La Purisima are being discussed. We will probably have a small but efficient crew for the February trip and will stay in San Juanico. Learn more at the potluck, which will be held at Frank’s. Directions and info on other side.


Pilots: Jim Gaskin, Scott Gordon, John Grube, Ted Kenney, Tom Koff, Ross Rankin, John Thatcher 
Dentists: John Grube, Hui Nguyen 
RDAs: Pam Heinz, Ruth Anne Quarles, Melodi Willis 
MDs :  Eric McFarland, David Rose, Guy Tarleton, John Thatcher
RNs: Sandra Burney, Lisa Fabian, Linda Rose, Cristine Snider, Taleese Yonker
EMTs: Leslie Vallee, Erlinda 
MA: Kathy Ogden.
RM: Lola Rosales (clinic coodinator)
Translators: Kristin Avery, Sandra Burney, Lisa Fabian, Susan Grube, Bob Openshaw, Christine Snider, Linda Rose, Lola Rosales 
Pharmacy: Linda Rose, Lisa Runyen 
Helpers:  Kent Pember, Elwood Schapansky, Kim Nguyen

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