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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

April 2004


On a bright and sunny Friday morning six planes left from Santa Barbara and another, from San Diego. The weather cooperated nicely and the trip was uneventful except for some headwinds on the return leg.


There was, fortunately, no fog on the Cadeje side and  all the planes were able to deliver the clinic staff and the equipment without delay. Drs Vallee and McFarland along with Dentists Grube and Macpherson were already at work having stayed on the Pacific side.

The Visual Clinic was set up in a small house down the street and the Honda generator that we keep in Mulege was put to use with the varied equipment. Dr Groff and his well organized team, saw over fifty people and dispensed 42 pair of glasses. Needless to say this is always an important contribution to those in need!

The Medical side started a little slow, but picked up as the people finished there Eye exams and then came over for there other needs. Quite few children were seen with tonsillitis. The Discharge planner and computer were put to good use giving detailed instructions printed in Spanish. We are seeing more families from the adjacent village of San Juanico, and there has been quite a few requests for an OB/GYN.

The Dental side was fortunate to have Stu Macpherson who brought his portable root canal set up and saved one mans smile. Dr Klien was busy putting back the smiles of those who had lost their teeth. Dick Klien is a true wonder in that he personally makes the dentures at the Mulege clinic that he delivers and fits in Cadeje. Bob Openshaw did his usual great job of organizing the flow and pace of the patients on the Dental side.

Newcomer Nadia Van Wingerden a great translator; had these words to say about her first trip. “ I am thankful that I was part of a dedicated team of professionals determined to make an intimate health care connection with these humble hard working people. Generosity of spirit and expertise were at its maximum. One cannot forget those eyes that look up with complete trust and hope”.


Aeromedicos was asked by the American Consulate in Tiajuana to return an American woman who was in very poor health to the San Diego area for medical help from Mulege. Stu Macpherson volunteered and was assured that an ambulance would be waiting on his arrival at Brown Field. Jim Christofer helped on the Mulege end to make sure that the woman was fit to travel and had her documents. The promised ambulance did not arrive on time. But, Stu did finally have the woman picked up and taken off for treatment.

If any one has the time it would be a great service to this lady, named Judith Atherton, to find some relative that could monitor her status. I understand that there is a computer search that could help. She supposedly has a daughter that she has not seen for many years. She is being treated at Kaiser of San Diego where she does have insurance. Thanks Stu for your extra effort.


Pilots:  John Grube, Frank Heintz, Jim Gaskin, Ted Kenney, Scott Gordon, Kent Pember, Stu Macpherson
Dentists: John Grube, Dick Klein, Stiu Macpherson
RDAs:  Ruthann Quarles, Pam Heinze,Roni Macpherson,Marilyn Zellet.
RN: Taleese Yonkers
RMA: Lola Rosales (clinic coordinator)
EMT: Herlinda
EYE: Gerry Groff, Don Zellet, Colin Hensley
Translators: Susan Grube, Dale Dixon, Bob Openshaw, Nadia Van Wingerden
Helpers: Jack Darian and the gang
BP and Triage Margo Kenney, Lori Shields

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