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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

October 2003

WORK TRIP (Oct. 3-5)

Two planes flew to Cadeje the week before the clinic to do work that could not be done during a regular clinic trip. Jim Gaskin, Robin Gauss, John Grube, Bob Nussbaum, and Alan Lyonelli spent part of Friday and most of Saturday building an enclosure for the generators and cabinets for dental area and installing lights for the medical side as well as re-wiring the generators to better handle the load. An outside bench was started and completed on the following trip. Glen Mitchell let the group stay at his house in San Juanico and also helped work on Friday. Materials were purchased and delivered with the generous help of Tom Smith and the Scorpion Bay Cantina crew.

TRIP NOTES (Oct. 10)

After a week of fog, Friday morning was clear in Santa Barbara. The fog, however, remained further south, so all the planes cleared through San Felipe. The various storms that had gone through southern Baja left a carpet of green with standing water in the desert. Parts of the river community in Mulege were damaged by run-off from the rains. Cadeje and its airport were in good condition. Three planes stayed on the Pacific side and four stayed in Mulege.

CLINIC NOTES (Oct. 10 –11)

The dental side was organized on Friday afternoon under the direction of Melodi Willis, while the outside crew completed the concrete footings for the bench. That organization, plus having the luxury of four dentists and our own dental repair tech, Hugh Dyer, were key reasons why the Dental Department actually finished before the medical side on clinic day. A big thanks to Bob Openshaw for his direction and triage in the dental area.

The medical side ran very smoothly, using the standardized formulary. Karen Bloomenshine, a veterinarian, filled in as a nurse/ physician’s assistant, and Lola trained Margo Kenny and Chari Coryat to do blood pressures. Thanks to every one for a great start to our new season!


Pilots: Brian Coryat, Jim Gaskin, John Grube, Frank Heintz, Ted Kenney, Tom Koff, Stu MacPherson, Rick Rousavelle
Dentists: John Grube, Stu MacPherson, Kevin McNally, Rick Rousavelle
Dental Assistant: Melodi Willis Roni Macpherson Skye Macpherson RMA: Lola Rosales (clinic coordinator)
Pharmacy: Debi Brown, Tom Koff, Margo Kenney, Lola Rosales
MDs: Harry Knaster, Eric McFarland
Translators: Karen Bloomenshine, Chari and Brian Coryat, Susan Grube, Bob Openshaw, Lola Rosales, Teresita (from San Juanico)
Dental Repair Tech: Hugh Dyer Photo: Dibblee Hoyt
Construction: Glenn Mitchell, Bob Nussbaum, Alan Lyonelli, Robin Gauss, Jim Gaskin

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