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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico


May 2003


The May trip started a day early for three planes that flew directly to Cadeje. John Grube and crew left from Santa Barbara while Chuck Montague and passengers left from Camarillo and Stu MacPherson and family left from Carlsbad . Thanks again to Glenn and Barbara Mitchell and Tom Smith for the generous use of their houses in San Juanico.

The remainder of the airplanes arrived in Mulege on Friday in time for a trip to the beach in beautiful weather. Everyone was able to get in a little relaxation before the clinic on Saturday.


The dental department was already on the job when the rest of the planes arrived from Mulege. Everyone was taken care of on a timely basis with the two dentists doing extractions and denture placements. We were also able to provide some teeth cleaning, thanks to Malisa. Toothbrushes and toothpaste were given to grateful recipients, including the students from the School for the Handicapped. THANKS, DENTAL!

The optometry department was kept busy with about 40 patients who were very pleased with their care and new glasses. Jay Neel, Luke Small, and translator Donn Zellet did a great job. (Luke Small also managed to service a few patients in San Juanico on Friday). THANKS, VISUAL!

The medical department was very busy, also. With three medical doctors, one chiropractor and one podiatrist, the patient flow was quite smooth. We could have used a few more translators, but we were able to do a good job and everyone was seen. THANKS, PHARMACY AND MEDICAL!

The audiology department operated in a separate building and did a great job with everyone who came. Our "returnee" Lillian Stuman managed to take care of all the people who had traveled to take advantage of the audio clinic. One patient had journeyed for two days on horseback to be fitted with a hearing aid and be treated for excessive wax in one ear. This man was one of many that we were able to treat and send back to their ranchos with a better idea of how life can be with more sound. THANKS, AUDIO!

We were visited and inspected by the Mexican health department and advised of some new regulations with which we must comply. Most of their suggestions had already been discussed and approved by the Aeromédico Board for implementation.


PILOTS: Carl Bergman, Jim Gaskin, John Grube, Frank Heintz, Roni and Stu MacPherson, Chuck Montague, Tom Pinney, Ross Rankin
MDs: Eric McFarland, Chuck Montague, Jim Scheib
RN: Bobbi Bliss RMA: Lola Rosales (clinic coordinator) EMT: Heather Bliss
DENTISTS: John Grube, Stu Mac Pherson
RDAs: Malisa Harrison, Ruth Ann Quarles, Roni MacPherson and Skylar
AUDIO: Lillian Stuman
OPTOMETRY: Jay Neel, Luke Small
PHOTO: Bill Dewey
TRANSLATORS: Alex Maingot, Dana Penoff, Lola Rosales, Donn Zellet, Oscar Zavala
CONSTRUCTION/HELPERS: Jim Gaskin, Frank Heintz, Carl Bergman, Craig Arcuni, Tom Pinney, Blake Rankin, Ross Rankin

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