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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico



March 2003

What a great day! What a success! One of the largest clinics to date...We saw an estimated 200 patients in all departments. With the cooperation and hard work of everyone, the medical department was able to treat over 100 patients. Dental also saw over 100 patients, with four dentists and two RDA's working long, hard, and patiently, to see that everyone was happy.

A brand new wheelchair was delivered to a Cerebral Palsy patient to replace her old chair which was held together with baling wire. A big thanks to Claudia and Richard Herczog for their generous donation. This little lady was gratefully smiling from ear to ear.

First timers Jacob Bastomski and Ursula Schmidt were able to combine their chiropractic and acupuncture skills to keep a steady flow of aching patients treated and satisfied with their care. Thanks, team...Patients are looking forward to a repeat performance!

Ursula Schmidt commented, "...I paired up with Dr. Jacob the Chiropractor. He adjusted the patients and I did acupuncture on them. We saw approximately 30 people. This was a wonderful experience; the clinic is simple, clean, and runs smoothly. The patients came into the treatment room in steady flow with their charts in hand. Help was readily available when needed and the general attitude was extremely uplifting. I will join you again as soon as I can."

Meanwhile, back in San Juanico, doctors David Rose, Lorraine, Karen Bloomenshein, and their dedicated team, worked for 2 full days to provide a dog/cat neutering/vaccination clinic. They were able to service about 60 cats and dogs. Men, women and children came with their pets, and received tender, loving care! The doctors were very pleased with the turnout and promised to try to return again next year.


Pilots: Carl Bergman, Brian Coryat, Lisa Derrick, Jim Gaskin, John Goerke, John Grube, Frank Heintz, Tom Koff, Peter Lewis, Chuck Montague
Dentists: John Grube, César,de Peru Dick Klein, Steve Mascagno
Dental Assistants: Ruth Ann Quarles, Pam Heintz
MD's: Lisa Babashoff, Hal Fletcher, Bob Gayou, Chuck Montague, Debbie Weinstein
Acupuncturist: Ursula Schmidt
Chiropractor: Jacob Bastomski
Podiatrist: J. R. Pineda
RN's: Shelly Algeo, Dee Dee Clutts, Sandy Gullet, Liz Gilmore, Adria Lawson
RMA: Lola Rosales (clinic coordinator)
Veterinarian Clinic: David and Linda Rose, Lorraine, Karen Bloomenshein, and their support staff from Mulege
Translators: Brian and Chari Coryat, Liz Gilmore, Susan Grube, Adria Lawson, Bob Openshaw, Lola Rosales
Pharmacy: Stella Anderson, Lyn Dee Rankin, Linda Weaver
Construction: Mike Crookston, Jim Gaskin
Helpers: Frank Heintz, Laurel Goerke, Ernie Riskar

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