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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico


June 2003


Santa Barbara was an oasis in the clouds of "June Gloom" that covered most of the coast on Friday. Five planes left early Friday and one pilot, Robin Gauss, with Pat Harwell as co-pilot, left late Thursday, full of supplies and spent the night in Imperial before heading south. Another pilot, Brian Coryat, met us in Mulege after a vacation in the southern end of Baja. Mulege was warm and there was a pleasant breeze. The two planes that stayed on the Pacific side reported chilly temperatures and cold water.


When the Mulege planes arrived in Cadeje, the dental dept. was already in full swing. The new autoclave was in place and the dentists were already busy treating patients. With only two assistants, the dental department was able to see and treat everyone in their usual caring and efficient manner. We are always so fortunate when there is a "children's dentist," on clinic day. Bob Ruby (1st timer), did a fantastic job of gaining the children's trust and confidence, which is always so important when they need further work done. "GREAT JOB DENTAL. YOU ARE AWESOME!"

Dr. John Vallee was already busy with patients prior to our arrival; Dr. Eric McFarland arrived shortly from Mulege, and the medical side ran very efficiently. Everyone was seen and treated and some unusual cases were referred to other facilities for future follow-up care. With some inquiries we may be able to help a two year old with his congenital defect. We will keep everyone posted.

We were also able to implement our new drug formulary for the pharmacy. We will now be ordering meds and supplies from Direct Relief International and Darby Pharmaceutical Co. With this new system in place we will standardize the type of medicine that is dispensed and have better inventory control. We will continue to accept donations of "over the counter" drugs such as Tylenol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, cough and cold medications (tablets and syrup). Please contact Lola as to what we can accept and take with us to Cadeje. With everyone's cooperation we can make the new system work in a timely and cost efficient manner. THANKS TO EVERYONE!


PILOTS: Brian Coryat, Jim Gaskin, Robin Gauss, John Grube, Frank Heintz, Peter Lewis, Don Stewart
DENTISTS: Dennis Dierenfield, John Grube, Robert Ruby
DENTAL ASSISTANTS: Marilyn Zellet, Brett Grube, MD'S: Eric McFarland and JohnVallee
RN: Bobbi Bliss
RMA: Lola Rosales (clinic coordinator)
OPTOMETRIST: Jay Neal, ASST: Joanne Gotingco
PHARMACY: Lisa Runyen, Stella Anderson
TRANSLATORS: Chari & Brian Coryat, Stella Anderson, Sylvia Wood, Lola Rosales
PHOTO: Dibblee Hoyt
CONSTRUCTION: Jim Gaskin, Robin Gauss, Pat Harwell
HELPERS: Frank Heintz, Margo and Ted Kenney, Don Stewart

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