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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico

Wisdom of Dreams Video

Journey to the Baja Peninsula with a group of dedicated California doctors who give shape to their dream of bringing medical services and better health to the poor in Mexico.

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Once a month, these internists, emergency room doctors, dentists, general practitioners and nurses, take considerable personal risks to deliver free medical care to people who could never afford regular medical attention. Travel with the doctors to a remote village in Mexico to learn what care they bring to the people of the area. The doctors go because they have the means to help, and because it is a way to practice back-to-basics medicine -- without paperwork and politics. They go because it is rewarding and inspiring to treat people who wouldn't otherwise have access to medical care. Those in need come from farms and fishing villages as far away as 100 miles. In a single day, these volunteers often treat more than 200 patients, knowing that if they didn't provide the medical care, no one would.